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  • Prices on craft stalls

    At the moment I am printing out the title of the product with the price underneath and laying it next to the items......quite big font, and just on plain paper.....

    Anybody got any good suggestions / tips / ideas on their own pricing methods - do you price individual products, have a price list, use pegs? ..... I think at the moment my form looks messy, and tacky with just printed cut out paper labels ........ hopefully you can see the kind of thing I'm meaning in the photo --
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    I think it is better to price each item - the method you are using now could get confused when you get the kiddies (or grown ups) coming over and picking lots up to look at which then don't get put back in the right place - they may end up with items of a different price. With a price tag on each there can be no issue regarding the actual prices.

    I think a tag looks great if it is designed nicely and also doubles up as another bit of advertising for your website, etc. You can make tags out of business cards - I have seen a few people at fairs with the mini-cards you can get from and they look really good (no good for my products - I use price stickers due to the packaging style of my stuff). You can get some free business cards from Vistaprint (the moo ones are charged for but smaller in size which works well as tags) as a cheaper alternative to printing your own. It takes lots of trial and error before hitting on the right thing for you as sadly you cannot predict what customers will do and where they will look - personally I find that a lot of people simply don't read anything written down and will still ask the price even when there is a nice, clearly written price sticker on it. Aahhh, all the fun of the fair!
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      I don't do sticky stickers as I hate them. They mark the goods. I do put those on parcels I send, though.
      So on goods for sale I have hanging card tags. They go on bags, baskets, big instruments and dolls.
      Then I have card tags I peg on baskets for the tiny things like brooches, rings, bracelets and tiny toys.
      I print out a price list - mostly for my own benefit - as I sometimes forget what something costs.
      I make sure all the above has the same 'look' as my business cards and flyers which get popped into the paper bag each purchase is put in.
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        You could use little folded place cards, similar to wedding seating cards. Another opportunity for a house logo. If your prices are fairly consistant. These could be pre-printed.
        Or you could adopt a pricing code, like the major greetings card companies do. Print it somewhere discreet, near to your contact details.