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    My friend has literally just launched a new craft auction site like half an hour ago.

    Free listing and nothing to pay if the item doesn't sell.

    It's small scale for honest, reliable crafters with a max of 50 items thus everyone gets seen unlike eBay where you type in 'jewellery' and get 50,000 hits or something!

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    for your first three listings choose small items as no matter what bid they reach they will be sold at a maximum of £10.00.
    I don't think I've seen any auction site with this type of condition. Also,the site is missing quite a lot of things.

    • Where is the site's privacy policy?
    • What methods can the buyer make their payment and the seller receive their payment?
    • What's the site's policy on Distance Selling Regulations?
    • Where are the contact details, (a site like this should have a postal adress and e-mail address as a bare minimum, not just a contact form)?
    • What's the name of the company running this site?

    That's just a few things.

    While it is a good concept, it needs a lot of work doing to make the site look more legitimate and therefore make the company running it look safe to do trade with.
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      Have to agree with Stephen, there is no proper information on the site and I honestly can not see anything selling on there as it is. Perhaps with some more work on it and providing the correct legal information then it may "take off".

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