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Hooray for stallholder but I need a pop up gazebo.

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  • Hooray for stallholder but I need a pop up gazebo.

    I listed on the stallholder website and am being invited to fairs left right and centre - which is brill
    it's the time of the year for village fairs.
    I can't put my market stall up by myself.
    I can't keep asking my husband to come along.
    I'm not making enough profit to warrent buying another tent (3 at the last count, 4 if you count my extention ).
    My kids are clubbing together to get me what I need:
    a pop up gazebo, that my tiny 5 foot arthritic self can manage on my owney oh.

    On another thread Just Soaps suggested

    Does anyone else have any tried and tested recommendations?
    It has to be a one man job to put up.
    Strong. No ripping to shreds or twisting to bits after 2 or 3 goes.

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    I got one on ebay. It wasn't the cheapest I'd seen but it was recommended by friends as reliable. I think I paid about £70 for it. 2.5 sq metres, waterproof, and I can put it up and take it down alone. Although I am 2 inches taller than you!


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      I could wear my platform shoes
      Does it have a name? A make? Anything so I can track down a twin?


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        I broke my pop up gazeebo! Found it so difficult to use! I ended up buying a normal one you put together from Argos. It's quite easy when you've done it a few times, as long as you remember to number the points when you take it down for next time with a marker pen or similar Think mine was only about £20 last year x
        Dee x
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