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    When we used to think about dystopian Big Brother scenarios, the horror stemmed from an invasion of our personal lives by an all-seeing, all-knowing secret police. Who would have guessed that it would actually be free-market capitalism that exposed your secret love of extra large leather bondage cuffs to the entire world?

    But that's exactly what happened when

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    The school girl in me finds it hilarious and I immediately want to find out if I know of any these plug purchasers but (excuse the pun) I might think somewhat differently if I was one of them. I didn't realise such items were sold on Etsy and I suspect those sellers might see their shop visitor numbers go up in the next few days!

    Seriously though, bad call from Etsy, tisk tisk!
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      Thats soooo bad of Etsy but funny and worrying too
      Chris xx
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        And there was me wondering why there was a picture of bondage cuffs at the top of the article . . . . .

        Fortunatly for most things I am Mrs Silver Thistle-Beads when it comes to filling in box's ! - and no you wont find me on any of the afore mentioned "plug" searches either before anyone looks ;P

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          Oh my word! How embarrassing for some!!


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            Now it makes sense! I always look at the search strings that people use to visit my web site and just the other day I showed OH the most 'unusual' which was candy floss dichroic 'thingie' they used the real word! (which I don't sell btw) I didn't even know they would be made of glass, let alone dichroic glass, but judging by the article Etsy is the place to find such things - alas I am now of course too scared to go and even see what a candy floss one would look like in case I am forever tagged for my curiosity!
            Terry xxx
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              Thats mental!!! I didn't even think you could buy stuff like that on etsy!!!!!

              Is folksy that risque?! *off to look*
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