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    Hi All,

    Im doing my first trade fair in April and I was just wondering if any of you could offer some advice or personal experiences of exhibiting at trade fairs.

    I think I am fairly organised with the jewellery i've already made up, got all the displays ready & order forms done.
    Catalogues will be finished this week along with the pricelists. Once this is done I can get the invitations sent out.

    Can you offer any hints and tips?


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    Hope I won't be stating the obvious!

    Make sure you cover as much of the walls as you can (if you have that type of stand of course). I've been to two trade fairs this month and you get to some stands that feel bare. I don't know what you've got but it'd guess you can easily pin the jewellery on the wall, although to avoid theft you could put them in plastic pockets with some info, and velcro the pocket to the wall.

    Probably an obvious one but make sure you interact with potential customers as soon as they step within the stand. I'm still surprised at the number of stalls where I can spend 10 minutes looking at stuff, and the stand staff just ignore me.

    And always ask for business cards. You can build up your mailing list really quickly.
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      ooh thanks Bea for the advice,

      I have a couple of cabinets and 4 really big frames that im pinning jewellery to. Like you I was thinking about the stand looking a bit bare but because it is really titchy im going to get some A3 images printed off and laminated so people can still see the pieces I havent got room for.

      Good thinking about getting peoples business cards, I will get a little folder together for them.

      Thank you for your help


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        Hi Chloe,

        I've never done a craft trade fair before with my jewellery but have dealt with loads of different exhibitions for the 'day job'!! I'm more than happy to meet up for a coffee in the week or 2 before the fair if you want (we're long overdue a natter anyway !) to run through any last minute bits if you think that might help at all.

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          Claire that would be amazing thank you. Its always great to hear other peoples point of view.