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    Greetings to users of,

    I would like to introduce to you a new on-line marketplace by the name of

    eBitsi supports all common features that are expected from on-line commerce and marketplace services today, such as auction listings, buy now listings, store fronts, feedback ratings, and much more. eBitsi is simple and easy to navigate, for both sellers and shoppers alike, and listing items you may wish to sell is quick and painless.

    eBitsi is also cost effective, offering better value for money than nearly all other major marketplaces and e-commerce services on the internet today. In brief, we do not impose any listing fees on items for sale which adhere to our regular listing options, during our launch period we will not charging any Final Value Fees, after the 31st March, Final Value Fees on sales will then be charged at a fantastic flat 1% regardless of item or price.

    For shoppers, it makes sense to use eBitsi. Due to our lower fees and costs to businesses and small traders, general prices on eBitsi are cheaper than our counterparts, for the same product, from the same source. In addition to cheaper prices, we also include every member in our "Buyers Milestones" programme, where shoppers can receive discounts on items bought and redemption vouchers against future purchases.

    For businesses and traders, we understand that many of you already have large inventories listed on other services such as eBay, and the thought of having to re-list items on additional websites is daunting and arduous task. To make life a little easier, eBitsi has a collection of tools available that allows sellers to import listings and feedback from a number of other sales avenues.

    For example, if you have a large number of items listed on eBay, you can use our eBay Import tool in your user’s area to import them. This is a quick, simple process which requires you to temporarily paste a code into your “About” page on eBay, passing eBitsi your eBay user ID and pressing “Import”. All your eBay listings will then be imported in the background and listed on eBitsi. While this process is automated, any listing options that you have within your eBay item that would incur a charge are skipped.

    We offer many sale transaction options, both on-line and off-line, all of which are securely processed “off-site” at the appropriate payment gateway. This ensures that transactions between shoppers and sellers are as secure as possible to help prevent the growing issue of on-line fraud and theft. eBitsi does not require users to submit any details relating to bank accounts, credits cards or other sensitive information regarding transactions.

    At present we are driving a number of advertising and promotional campaigns via numerous media avenues to garner exposure and increase our traffic further.

    The above is a brief summary of what eBitsi can offer you. If you would like further information regarding eBitsi, feel free to contact us at [email protected] with any questions or queries you may have.

    Best Regards

    The eBitsi Team