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  • Linking to other websites

    Having finally set up my website and feeling a bit more confident to post on here I am wondering if anyone links to other peoples websites. I am working to get sales through my website not just at fairs! I don't really want to pay for Google AdWords as it will become costly!

    I have read the other post about promoting your business which has been fantastic advice.


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    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    I'm sure somebody much more knowledgeable on this subject will come along soon, but I do seem to remember reading that if somebody puts a link to your website on theirs that's seen as a good thing by the search engines, but if you then link back to their website (link swapping) the search engines don't seem to like that at all.

    As I say, I could have read the information wrong, but I'm fairly certain it was something like that!
    Laura x

    email:- [email protected]


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      Thanks Laura, I didn't know that if you link swapped that search engines didn't like that. Thank for the advice.



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        I'm not sure about link swapping but have you thought of using twitter or a blog to promote your website? I've started using both fairly recently...I only set my blog up yesterday! I have no idea how effective it will be but I know there are a lot of other people on here who use them and would encourage you to do the same, i'm sure most will be happy to follow you too and you can do the same for them...there are plenty of ways you can advertise without having to pay a fortune for it, it just takes a bit of work


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          Hi Lucie,

          There's nothing wrong with swapping links with people if their sites are complimentary to yours and you might pass each other traffic. It may not boost your actual search ranking but if you both benefit and it is of use to your customers then there's really no harm.

          Google adwords can be very costly if not kept in check and it does need to be monitored and tweaked to get good results. It's best to work on trying to appearing the natural search for your specific products - long term this will reap rewards.

          I'd also suggest setting up a facebook page, share it with your friends to start with, add it to your website (use a facebook badge - they give you the HTML code) and post your new products, special offers, interesting and relevant news etc. Other peeps will come and join who are specifically interested in your product and hearing about you..

          Hope this helps, good luck with your new site.

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            Thanks for the ideas...I'm not actually on facbook! (One of very few I think) I not sure joining it to just advertise is a good idea. I think I will look into the blog root (though sharing personal information is partly the reason I didnt join facebook!) Think I'm stuck in a loop!