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  • Goggle checkout or paypal

    Hi guys

    Trying to sort out my website, the main decision left is how to get the money. Does anyone have any info for the best one to use?


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    Paypal is the most well known, I would say and the one I use on my site. I have been considering adding Google Checkout as another option (so I offer both) but have so far held back as some members of another forum have pointed out that GC tends to follow up to customers requesting feedback which can be annoying and offputting for people.

    I haven't looked into how charges/commissions compare so can't really help on that front.

    If you are able to, why not offer both then it is up to your customers how they wish to pay?
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      I'd recommend to use both too. Paypal can be a pain in certain circumstances. I've heard horror stories about paypal blocking accounts because they thing there's a possibility of fraud or whatnot and then the vendor loses out on sales whilst it's down.
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        I've never used GC but I can say that PayPal is generally easy to set up and use. It's pretty well-known too.

        I've not had any problems getting my money, but occasionally customers have been unable to use it and a back-up system would've been useful - they resorted to cheques.
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          I have looked at several options but stuck with paypal. Simply because 90% of our business is via EBAY so I wanted something which those customers were familiar with.

          Im upgrading to the pro system in a week or so.. that will enable people to use debit and credit cards in a simpler way.

          As far as fees are concerned most of the companies are pretty similar but it does depend on the order value with many of the providers and mine is very low (£10'ish).

          We get a very good rate from paypal due to turnover but the processing fee of 20p per transaction is a total pain!



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            They both charge exactly the same transaction fees, but with Paypal you can go for the Pro version when you get a little busier and take payments over the phone. Both will do the job though and it may be worth looking at which one is easier to setup with the shopping cart software you already have.


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              I use paypal, have looked at google but is it as well known atm? whereas most people use and know paypal


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                I have Google Checkout on my website, but also use PayPal through other sites i sell on.... both are equally good. If you can have both I would, it allows your customers more choice; Plus although PayPal is probably the most well known not all people have accounts.
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                  I use paypal with my web site, i have not had any problems -
                  i also use pay pal to pay for items that i want to buy.

                  So far so good, good luck with your web site

                  Hope this helps
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