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  • Website help!

    Thank you for all your help!
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    I used Mr Site for my site, it's nowhere near finished but you can click the link below & have a look. There's also a link on the home page for Mr Site, but if you decide to buy- go through Amazon, it's only about £17.

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      There are a number of webhosts who provide ecommerce websites with their packages, it depends how serious you want to take your business. provide a shopping cart I believe. Personally I would steer clear of MrSite but that's just my preference.

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        I've just bought the Mr Site package via Amazon for just under £17 and I'm finding it very easy to use - I've used frontpage in the past so am used to technical stuff!!

        My husband uses the oneandone for his online shop and to host - I found it really difficult to understand - but he didn't!!

        The Mr Site is a lot cheaper and offers more than the other for someone starting off

        But its your personal preference at the end of it!


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          Have to say i use Mr Site too. Does have a few glitches but certainly good value for money


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            Yep, I am a Mr Siter too and am more than happy with it, have had it over a year now and worth every penny in my opinion, like Michelle says there are a few glitches but depends on what you want, is definitely value for money
            Jo x

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              I created my site myself but Mr Media does this sort of a thing as his day job. He might be able to point you in the right direction


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                I'm new to the forum but hopefully my advice might be of use to someone! Since having and online shop seems to be almost a 'must have' for a business these days then when I decided to try to make a living with my personalised greetings cards and wrapping paper business obviously this seemed the way for me to go. Having got some really silly quotes (£thousands!!) for website/integrated shopping cart design I decided it can't really be that difficult and looked into doing it myself. I found a free web authoring tool called Nvu on the internet (google nvu to find) which I used to design the front end of the site and I used the free hosting space and free domain name offer that came with my broadband connection to keep costs down. I then linked this to an EKM Powershop site to provide the full shopping cart facility on the back end. You could quite easily just use the EKM Powershop for your whole website but I didn't feel doing it that way quite gave me the 'look' that I was after. The only thing really is cost - obviously you have to pay the EKM Powershop monthly subscription and you also need to set up a business bank account/internet merchant account to be able to accept card purchaces, which also costs.

                Given that this was the first time that I have had a go at web design I found it quite easy and am quite pleased with the results, although I am quite computer literate which perhaps helped.

                At the moment it's costing me more than I'm making but hopefully things will improve as word spreads.

                Hope that helps someone!!
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                  Hi dazy!

                  I have experience in designing websites. It means you get something a little more unique than using a standard program. If you would like to see a list of websites I have made, just send me a private message to get in touch!


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