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  • i need help

    i only started being craty last month and only sold a couple of cards.

    i want to know where the best places are to advertise

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    You can always try the craft directory which is linked to here (top left hand side of the forum main page just under the grey box is a link) or you could try advertising on here as I do - have a look at the boxes on the right hand side to give you an idea of what you can get! If you send a private message (PM) to 0103media then he will be able to let you know the prices and how to go about it! PM messages are in the top right hand corner of the forum on the main page - sorry I am being very specific only because I couldn't find all these things when I first started!
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      I think youve done well to sell a couple of cards in such a short time!

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        I was going to say the same seahorse.

        Basically, it's all about getting yourself known. Locally you can go to car boots and craft fairs (but look into the insurance side of things first).

        Nationally, advertise in online directories, get yourself known on forums, maybe try selling on ebay etc.

        Don't forget about the legal requirements if you are setting up as a business though!

        Good luck with it.

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