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  • Selling Cards For Charity - Help

    Hi I am new the site and would like some advice on selling cards for Charity.

    I am involved in running an event for Charity soon and would like to make and sell some cards. I would like recoup my costs for materials only and donate the rest to charity. Do I need to be set as self employed? Is there any legislation I need to follow? I don't want to get in trouble with the tax man!!!

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    like minds

    i would also like to do this and ask the same question.


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      Firstly both of you to the forum. Its good to see you.
      Secondly, I am sorry but I can't help in this although I know that there are lots of members who can so just hang around for a while and you will def. get your answers and lots of advice with them.
      God helps them that help themselves.


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        Best advice would be to speak to the charity themselves and they will help you with this. They have specific regulations they must adhere to. I was approved by and signed an agreement contract with my chosen charity which lays down the details. Usually they are/have experts at fundraising and can help you out with all the info you will need.