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How does everyone sell their cards?

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  • How does everyone sell their cards?

    I was wondering, which sites are best to sell your homemade cards on? or is this such an overpopulated thing that it's not worth it?

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    Hmm, not sure about websites to sell cards but i did mention on another thread about taking your cards to local art galleries, gift shops etc. I think shops in general are going for locally made products these days.
    Where do you live?
    Are there any farm shops around? this is the type of place that may sell them for you.
    The other thing you could try is parties, i do them for my jewellery but why not try it with your cards?
    An evening in, invite people you know,it's like a little social gathering and they can but your cards at the same time!!
    It's also good if you know some other people that do crafts as you could join efforts, then you get a wider range of people to your parties!!
    Good Luck!!


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      That's true, I didn't think of the Farm shop!!!! thanks again for the advice