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Calling All Ebay Shop Owners!

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  • Calling All Ebay Shop Owners!

    Hi Everyone,
    I've had my ebay shop for two and a half months now and sales are really low and it is depressing me a lot. I really want to get sales picking up and would like some advice. Could you all have a llok at my shop and tell me what I should or shouldn't do.

    How are you finding having an ebay shop? is it working for you......are you profiting?

    I feel as if I'm the only one doing badly.

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    Hi Roselyn,

    Firstly, beleive me your not the only one who is doing badly with an ebay shop I'm sure, so it wont be anything personal. ebay is a very fickle thing.

    I have an ebay shop and have yet to sell through it. I do believe that an ebay shop does produce extra traffic. There is a link under Manage My Shop which gives you some stats. Its under Reports and is called site traffic. You could see what traffic you get, maybe you don't get enoughto justify the shop?

    Also I have noticed your greetings cards are listed under 'other greetings cards' why is this? would they be better under 'greetings cards'?

    Must go now, but hope this helps.


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      Don't worry, it's not just ebay shops that do badly!!!!!!!!!!!
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        Yeah, you're right about listing in 'other greeting cards'....don't know why I did this, but will start changing them.


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          I posted a thread the other day to say I had opened a shop and got some really good advice. Here's the thread:

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            Do you have any cards listed on auctions? Just a hint because ebay shops don't turn up when people do general searches - so if someone was looking for a christening card then they wouldn't find your shop even if it had loads of christening cards in it! If not then I would list a couple of popular cards and then direct people to your shop from there. I think this is correct - I'm only remembering what kipper workshops (I think) said!
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              Hello! I sell on ebay too and have done for a while under blueeyessammy. However, my husband has a shop magsbackissues and has sold this way for I think almost 3 years. Sales do vary from month to month and it is a full time job keeping it all going (this is his job!) but you do have to grin and bear it some months .

              I noticed that you have just 4 items on auction - what about listing them in a slightly different category and making the prices lower? This way it could draw in interested buyers / bidders into your shop - I certainly look at ebayer shops through the auctions and more often that not I buy through the shop items (unless absolute bargain and I win!)
              Or what about free p&p as this sometimes puts people off? You could say that is a special offer for May?

              Don't give up! I really like the cards - the 1972 one made me giggle (my year!) and Amazing Grace was number 1 when I was born!! Not that I remember!

              Ebay isn't everything - have you tried ebid? I'm thinking of trying to sell my toppers and embellishments on there but not got round to it....

              Good luck!


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                Thanks All,
                Yeah, you're right, must list more on Auction and make the prices lower and I'll try ebid......never heard of it before but shall investigate.

                glad you like the 1972 card, sugar and spice....was my partner's idea, but I had to do all the work!
                Thanks for the thread Katian.



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                  had a look at your ebay shop. It looks great.

                  I definately agree you should have a few more auctions. I would look at theses as advertising. I'd be tempted to start your auctions much lower in price. People want bargains and look for the £0.01 starting prices.

                  Once they are bidding on your item they tend to stick with it as the price goes up rather than swithing to another seller.

                  I would also change the line in your auctions that points to your shop and make it a clickable link. Makes it easier for buyers to get to your shop.

                  Also have a link on each auction to your about me page. Load up your about me page with all your info and unique selling points. I am sure there are loads of great cards on ebay. Why should someone buy yours?? You can tell them all tis in your about me page. You can also have a link to your website in there too.

                  The thing to remember with ebay is that you have to keep tweaking it ALL THE TIME. It takes time to polish your diamond!

                  The above changes won't suddenly change things overnight, nothing will but every little helps. Look through some of the forums on ebay, they have brilliant advice on things to try. You can learn a lot of there.

                  Hope that helps a little.

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                    Hi, also just noticed your postage. I hope you don't mind me saying but having looked through some other card sellers (ones that are selling stuff) thier postage is often cheaper. There are lots of people with cards with postage upto £1.99. But when you look at their items they aren't really selling any.

                    People often use postage as a way of bumping up profits, having lower prices on the items to get bidders.

                    IMO I think people are put off by expensive postage. I would go the pther way, try and beat everyone at thier own game. Get your postage down as low as possible, just cover your costs. So a standard card would be 1st class letter rate plus a few pence for other costs.

                    Then put a link on your auction telling buyers you don'tprofit off them on postage - get a link to your about me page and tell them all about how you are a genuine seller and don't look to make money on postage etc...

                    Anything that differentiates you from the crowd is good. Ebay is overloaded with sellers these days, it a tough market.

                    Again just my thoughts.

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                      Thank you so so much for your suggestions......really makes sense and I shall start putting some of these things into practise soon.
                      Shall not give up!

                      Thanks everyone for such great input, really do appreciate it.....I know all is not lost for me!