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How many hours do you spend marketing your website online?

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  • How many hours do you spend marketing your website online?

    It would interesting to know how many hours people spend marketing their websites online...

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    An hour or more chatting on this one ?

    I do up techno phobic friends' websites.
    One friend has not updated her's for years.
    One friend sends me new stuff every month (half a day's work?).
    The latest one is adding a new page once a year. She's gone a bit mad this year and we're going to have two.
    I can't find any time to look after my own ones apart from the portal one which gets new people added when they request it.
    Then it's listing and linking when I spot oppotunities. 5 minutes here, 5 minutes there.



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      Quite a bit but probably not enough lol - try and blog every couple of days and spend time every day trying to link it to relvant sites etc - but I also work full time so have to try and work it into my free time somewhere!!


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        oh god I spend what feels like eternity! I am on everything from facebook, blog, forums, flickr you name it. I would say I really underestimated the amount of time you have to put into the marketing side of it. Also, trying to get your site submitted to different search engines is easier said than done. Mine is on Google but trying to get it into Yahoo is a nightmare I must have submitted it about 6 times now and it still can't find my site. However, through my travels around the net I have met some really lovely people that happily outweigh the not so nice grumpy ones!


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          Probably 4-5 hours a day on average!

          As already mentioned as well as the normal social networking (forums, facebook, twitter, digg, etc.) I like to add at least 10 new links a week, either from directories or reciprocals from other sites. Add onto that regularly updating and changing the content of your site, adding new pages, keyword optimisation, analysing statistics, etc., etc., etc. the list goes on forever.

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            Lots and lots but still not enough.
            Normally a few hours a day, but been so busy with Christmas orders lately that has dropped.
            One of the best places to get orders from I found has been twitter.
            But for the search engines then you need to get links which I find very time consuming.
            I never ever realised just how much work it would be!

            Edited to say if any one would like to exchange links I would be very happy to do so!




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              Soooooo many hours I have lost count, but I have to say it is paying dividends. Achieved the highest monthly hits last month so must be doing something right and the enquiries are on a daily basis.
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                I try to spend enough time but it is difficult juggling all the day to day things too....especially finding time for DH lol
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                  Originally posted by agnes15 View Post
                  It would interesting to know how many hours people spend marketing their websites online...
                  Nowadays, at least an hour a day in terms of "online networking" - though for us it's a bit different as we're not marketing an eCommerce site directly!

                  It depends in part on how 'full time' sales from your website are - if you've got fayres, other sales outlets plus a life to juggle as well then that may reduce it!

                  In general I'd say it's going to take hours a day rather than anything else, if you want to build things up to a good level, though - and obviously the more you want to grow, the more effort has to go in somewhere along the lines!

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                    I belong to a couple of forums and have a Google ads campaign but that's it for me - far too busy fulfilling orders!!!
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                      pretty much non thats terrible isnt it, stuck some stuff on my facebook the other day, have forgotten about the blog and havnt got a links page!!! did have, where has it gone? lol

                      my time is best spent actually out there selling stuff and making it of course!


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                        I had no idea!!!

                        I'm glad I found this thread, I had no idea!!!

                        It's taken every spare minute of my last few months to construct my own website, I've investigated but not joined Ebay, Etsy and Folksy. I don't have time for Twitter, although I'm on Facebook - no idea how to find me on Facebook groups tho?!
                        I didn't join this with the intention of advertising, more for support and chit chat, but,
                        ....apparently I have to blog, twitter and link? Oh dear, it's all new to me.

                        Enjoying it though....


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                          I have to say I didn't realise quite what a fulltime job it is! I started off doing around 6 hours a day, when that dropped so did my search engine position so you have to keep it up and not just do it at the start.

                          I thought it was ridiculous that companies charge hundreds of pounds a month to do it for you but now I know why!
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