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ohhhhh... wobbling!!!!! got 2 parties on consecutive days.......

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  • ohhhhh... wobbling!!!!! got 2 parties on consecutive days.......

    really new at this, and 2 friends have offered parties for me, but they are on consecutive nights, which means i have no chance to replenish stock in between.... what do I do? apart from the little 'stocking fillers', my stuff is one offs (oh, jewellery by the way)... do I keep some back for the second, and risk losing sales at the first, or take it all to the first and then risk the prettiest stuff going on the first night?

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    Oh I know how you feel, I often have 5 events on the same day.

    You can only sell it once is my motto

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      so what do you do? get it all out and hope for the best, or keep some back and wonder if you would have sold it at the other events?


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        Crikey! I'm stressing cos I have 2 parties in 3 weeks (am very new at this!) so you must be

        I'd take it all to the first, but just make like mad until then lol!

        Make sure you let us know how you get on though.


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          If it were me I'd photograph absolutely everything and at the second party I'd hand around the 'catalogue' and just state that there's a 7 day wait as they're made to order (or however long you think it will take you to make them). It's the next best things to making 2 of everything in the hope that at least one of them sells!


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            just go with it you'l be fine, worst case is you sell out which means nothing to re-pack, load into the car and have a pocket full of cash and a smile from ear to ear........he or she who dares wins.


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              You could take it all to the first party and take orders and promise delivery within 48 hours. Thht means you can then take everything to the second party and again take orders. After 2nd party deliver orders to your first party customers & remake if necessary for the 2nd party customers. Hope that makes sense!!!!


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                am so liking the catalogue idea!!!!!

                of course, it may well happen that I sell nowt bar the 'polite purchase' stuff I have made, so that people can buy something for £3 to be kind to the hostess..... and have made flipping loads of those!!!! and they will all vomit in the general direction of the stuff I have laboured over lovingly.....

                so all this angst will have been for nothing!!!


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                  I would suggest that you take a selection of 'display only' items and take orders - it isn't unusual to make items to order and you can also use it as an opportunity to make minor adjustments in design/colour to suit the customer's specific requirements.

                  This way, you always have your best sellers available for viewing/touching, etc. You could always have a selection of items for immediate sale for those who don't want to wait (great to move some of the items which haven't been selling quite so well)

                  Good luck with both your parties - I am sure you will cope really well and hopefully get loads of sales from both! Can't wait to hear about the results...
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                    I like the catalogue idea not just in case everything sells at the first party but as a way of showcasing what you have done. Plan on taking orders. Do you have some quick make items like pendants, keyrings etc. to bulk out your jewellery collection.