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Is an Ebay shop worthwhile?

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  • Is an Ebay shop worthwhile?

    Do you have an ebay shop and if so is it worthwhile? If you do have you any advice and tips? I used to be riding the crest of a wave, but now i'm all washed up!!

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    Interesting question and one I have been pondering myself - having looked at the cost implications my inital response it no (as it costs the same amount in posting and commision fees as posting items without a shop with the addition of the monthly fee) granted it allows viewers to have many items grouped but then some sellers simply say see my other items.

    I am therefore wondering if the benefit of "grouping" is worth the monthly fee and as I have not yet set one up am assuming I think not. Though there is also the argument that many use ebay shops with huge success and realistically ebay do a lot of marketing for you.


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      I had an ebay shop and closed it before the price hike. Did not sell anything through it so I would say not worth it, on the other hand I know others who do do well.

      I think over here we desperately need a shopping site where you don't have to post to sell but cross reference with your website and they take out adverts in non crafting publications. No disrespect to crafters, as I am one, but we need to get to the buying public, I think NOTHS is the nearest but not been able to get in there either.

      Back to your question it may be worth a go with ebay in the run up to Xmas, you never know you may do well.


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        Judi - bathbombs seems to do well on ebay - like any site though you have to work hard at it.

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          ebay shop

          I had a shop and it was not financially worth it for me. I found there was just too much competition for jewellery and everyone wants to get a 99p bargain! There are so many overseas sellers as well and they can do it all much cheaper so I gave up after about 3 mnths! Perhaps I should've persevered. But there are so many other dedicated craft sites out there now that you may find better alternatives.
          Good luck with whatever you decide.
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            I wasn't actually setting up a shop but.... I attempted to list some of my hairclips on there the other day. They aren't expensive and i don't make a big profit on them so every penny counts when selling them!
            I couldn't do them as a buy it now as it was too expnsive to make anything (especially when you add on the final valuation fee) so I was ging to do a couple of trial auction listings, however in the section I wanted to list in (girl's accessories) It is mandatory that you offer free p&p!!
            I would actually be loosing money if I did that, so tried a different category and ebay wanted £1.75 to list them in hair care!! I gave up
            I think some of the problem may have been that ebay doesn't seem to cope very well with listings now it has changed.
            I listed some bits and bobs a few weeks ago and was nearly pulling my hair out by the time I had finished!! It kept telling me one thing, then another blah,blah I won't bore you any more with my rant lol!
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              I have an ebay shop that sells supplies and some bits of jewelley too! I have moved to pay for the middle shop (£49.99 a month) as this now allows me to list for 5p a listing and it works out similar to having the £14.99 per month and 20p to list.

              I am trialing it our anyway. They keep moving the goal posts over there and I really do feel they do not want small businesses and individuals to succeed as they are making more and more complicated all the time.

              The biggest problem is that no one else comes near to the amount of sales they generate which makes you feel compelled to stay there for now!!



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                I had an ebay shop before the price hike but even then it was tricky to make sure you are going to make money what with listing, final value, paypal and shop fees!

                I used to sell well but as others have mentioned when people can buy a glass pendant for 1p they don't want to pay more for a one off original piece. That said it is a busy market place, easy to list and manage, but not a friendly one! IMO it was a more level playing field a few years ago where as now you get preference if you pay large fees and smaller sellers get pushed to the bottom of the listings. I now only sell stuff I am getting rid of, no crafting things.

                Ebay also moves the goal posts all the time and seems to favour large business and of course Ebay themselves! Their latest con being you have to accept money being taken out of your account if the buyer wants a refund of all costs including P&P, you don't have to do anything to accept this change but if you disagree you need to close your account! This shifts their 'protection policy' from them to the seller. There doesn't seem to be any protection for the seller should the buyer be less than above board.

                Loads of people are making money, it seems, and should you wish to try it I wish you much success - please just make sure you do your calcs well.

                Oops a rather emotive subject Ebay is
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                  I had one too but closed it down, not getting the sales to justify the fees, was going to try some listings tomorrow as its having a free insertion day with no fees but will I get round to it (??)

                  I'm currently trying a website with vistaprint, around £10 a month, but trouble is trying to get people to come to it and buy things, at least people know about ebay.

                  Good luck with whatever you decide



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                    Thanks for all the useful info. It does appear that an ebay shop needs serious consideration. I think at the moment I won't bother.

                    It does seem a shame that as with so many things ebay have become so successfull that they have forgotten how they got where they are today.
           I used to be riding the crest of a wave, but now i'm all washed up!!


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                      I think that with the price increase ebay is not really the best option. As others have said, there are too many people looking for cheap items.