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Craft Fairs - your experiences

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  • Craft Fairs - your experiences

    I just wondered what other people's experiences of crafts fairs are? Do people feel they are a good way to sell crafts? Are people prepared to pay the prices you are ask? Any experiences welcome god or bad - I am due to do my first one in a few weeks and wanted to hear about your own experiences if that's ok?
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    I find that each craft fair differs from the next. Some can be very profitable and others not so - it really depend on who comes through the doors that day... Other factors can be the weather (people won't come out if it is wet and horrible) and how much advertising the promotor has done.

    I find that they are a great way to make contacts - the very first fair I did resulted in my handmade cards being in a lovely wee shop in East Lothian. The lady who owns the shop bought 30 of my cards to stock in the shop.

    It is also a great outlet for handing out flyers and other promotional material guiding people towards your website.

    Good luck with the fair - I find that it is a great opportunity to chat with likeminded crafters - bit like here really!

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      I would agree it pretty much depends on the fair you attend. However a word of warning do try and check with the event organiser who else will be doing the fair because a lot of the time you may be up against people who buy in their stock and can sell them a whole lot cheaper than us poor little soles who actually make the stuff.

      Advertising is a big must too. If you can get in touch with the organisers and get flyers, put them everywhere you can. Every little bit of advertising helps.

      All the best.

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