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  • Using an agent?

    Has anyone ever used an agent or considered using an agent to sell their craft? I know nothing about using an agent but suddenly wondered whether there was such a thing for jewellery in particular? I assume they would either take a commission or a fee - or maybe both? And I wouldn't even know where to start looking for one. Sorry it's a bit of an open question...! Anyway, if anyone has any thoughts I'd be very interested to hear them.


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    I must say that I have thought that it would be nice if I had someone selling yo leave me free to create!!!
    If you find one let me know!!



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      I've not tried this yet but have been thinking about having a sales agent to get wholesale orders for me. I know a lot of crafters in the US use agents (or reps as they call them). Their reps go to the trade shows etc and sell, sell, sell.

      I was thinking of possibly finding someone who would be freelance/self-employed that would then get commision based on any sales they made. Its something for the future for me though as at the moment with a little one (13 months) I wouldn't have the time to fulfil massive orders for shops but its in the plan lol.
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        I wonder if there's a forum where all the agents chat? Maybe you could find one there. Or do you have a local online forum? We have sheffieldforum, where people often advertise for work wanted/available.

        Most freelance agents work for several companies, and I think they usually get about 15% commission, and maybe travel costs as well.
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          My son's agent takes a third of what he earns. He's thinking of going the other way and being his own agent. But agenting is time consuming....
          I was getting peeved that I was attracting customers but my order book was full to bursting so I was passing them onto others...with no recompense for the money I've spent advertising or the time I spend e chatting
          So a couple of us had a little conflab and mooted the idea that if an order is passed on a cut is given to the order passer. Then we couldn't agree on the size of the cut.
          30% has been labled a rip off. 10% peanuts/mean/ not worth the we are hovering between 15 and 20%.


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            Has anyone managed to find an agent/rep/promoter?

            I too would be interested in selling in this way.