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    Does anyone use this? Ive looked at it and think it would be really beneficial BUT its quite expensive.

    Your thoughts would be much appreciated

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    is this the one where you can take payments via phone etc and just enter card details?

    I used to use it with ex-partners business - very rarely used it, but when we did it was worth it - but that's only because we were taking £600 plus payments.

    Depends how much you think people would use it?



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      Do you think it would make you as much as you spend on it - would you lose sales if you didn't have it? And are payments processed on your site as opposed to theirs (security issues?)?

      I didn't think I could justify the cost and find the standard PayPal pretty good. I use it at craft fairs with a mobile laptop, and it has worked ok for taking payments. A bit slow in marquees where reception is poor, but people tend not to be in a rush at craft fairs anyway.

      I was pleasantly surprised to find I could have options for personalisation, so people can enter details, on a standard PayPal account. Has worked well for website orders.
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        Originally posted by zazu View Post
        Does anyone use this? Ive looked at it and think it would be really beneficial BUT its quite expensive.

        Your thoughts would be much appreciated
        If you're looking for a web-payments (payment gateway) solution, I'd suggest using an acquiring bank directly, or one of the other services available - rather than PayPal pro - to do "integrated card payments" via a site.

        If you are after a virtual terminal, on-the-phone-CNP facilities, or similar, typically most gateways will provide this, too!

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          I think Paypal charges are ridiculously expensive! However it is a hugely well known and used form of payment, and is therefore easy and mos people have an account.
          One way of getting around the charge is to send money as a gift, but this wouldn't always be feasible as there is a certain amount of trust involved.
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            I use it on my site and have found it to be cheaper than a lot of the standard banks etc. To process payments through my own business account would cost me more which is annoying. It may be worth ringing around though as you may find a good deal or special offer especially in these tougher times.

            I find a real downside is the length of time it takes to transfer the money to your bank account from paypal as I'm sure they only press a few buttons after all and are not physically running around to the Nat West bank with my money clutched in one hand and a paying in book in the other!

            Another thing to watch is the fact that they can freeze your account at any time and therefore will have your money under lock and key as it were and as they are based in Luxembourg (I think) it's very hard to get much done about it.