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Craft Space for Rent Upmarket Town in Essex - Designated only for Handmade Crafts

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  • Craft Space for Rent Upmarket Town in Essex - Designated only for Handmade Crafts

    I am looking for fellow crafters to register their interest in renting space in a shop I am soon to aquire in an upmarket town in Essex. Being a crafter myself, I am looking to open this outlet purely to others like me, as an opportunity to bring all of our products together and have a shop based solely on the handmade. Please email me, if you are interested, I will be kitting the shop out myself with 'shabby chic' freestanding furniture which then the spaces will be priced individually from £20 - £100 pcm. I am looking for a wide selection of handmade items and this would be a month by month agreement. No ties just rent in advance. If you are interested, then please do email me and also what items you make. Look forward to hearing from you!

    [email protected]

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    Hi Holly

    Once you've opened your shop do let me have the details as it sounds like something many of my customers would be interested in - some as potential customers and others as potential renters.

    Also, which town is it? Me and hubby have been trying to guess and currently Saffron Walden and Thaxted are our top guesses
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      Craft Space for Rent

      If only you weren't so far away, otherwise I would definitely have been interested. Good luck with your venture though.



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        I may be interested too as I live in Essex but it's a big place! Where will it be based?


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          I live miles away from you or I would be very interested, I think its a fantastic idea and one which I wish was also in place near me.

          Good luck I hope it goes well for you and all the crafters who rent space from you.


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            Its in Leigh on Sea, in the main Broadway area. Very busy passing trade and also many people come from outside of the area to shop here. For those of you who are not local, the space is manned and there will hopefully be the opportunity to offer stock room space so you don't have to travel on a regular basis.

            Email me directly those of you who are interested and if you can tell me what you do too that would be helpful :-)


            [email protected]


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              My aunt and uncle would love to hear you say Leigh on Sea is an upmarket place, they have lived there for years and are real snobs. Ive only ever passed through on my way to Southend!!
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                Hi Holly
                I have emailed you.

                The Soap Fairy xx


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                  Did anything come of this? We went for a walk round Old Leigh today and I was tempted to go further and have a look.



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                    Hi Holly,

                    Are you still looking for crafters for your shop?

                    If so I would love to know more and maybe come and visit the shop with some of my stuff. I'm a jeweller, knitter, photographer, aromatherapist, artist....


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                      Hi Holly
                      I am going to email you



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                        This thread was started last july, Prickleychick has not been on the forum since last November so you may not get any replies.
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                          Rent space in Craft Shop

                          Hi there
                          How is your shop doing? What is it called? I'm interested in renting space to exhibit in a shop and I'd be very interested in seeing how your shop has turned out.
                          Hope to hear from you soon.
                          Best wishes
                          Lazy Lizard