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Etsy - is it worth it?

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  • Etsy - is it worth it?

    I was wondering if those of you who have etsy shops could please tell me if you think they are worth it?

    I was thinking about setting up an etsy shop to sell off my excess stock but when I checked out the fees it seems a bit harsh that you are charged for listing AND a sales commission and then your listings only stay on for 4 months.

    My other option is to set up a shop website on my own, costing approx £7.

    Please comment!

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    I really like Etsy - quirky things tend to sell well on there. The fee's are $0.20 per item and that works out at about 10p and that covers your listing for 4 months - after the four months is up you pay another 20 cents to list for another 4 months. Very reasonable I think. You also get charged a percentage of the sales price when you do sell something - just like Ebay. There is a great community on there and the admin people are very quick to help out with any problems that you might have.
    The only thing about setting up your own website is how do you get people to the site? I was selling cards (or not actually!) on my own site for nearly two years and I didn't sell a single thing. I've been on Etsy since January and I've already sold two things!
    There are some fab things on there and I think you should give it a try. It's very easy to set up and if you get stuck then there are great forums to ask for help.
    Hope this helps!
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      I agree with Swirly. I think Etsy is really good. Compared to eBay, their fees are a bargain!

      The only thing that worries me a little about Etsy is the sheer volumes of people that are selling on there and some of them have the most amazing stuff. It's a bit overwhelming. But I do think that as a result the prices of the things are a better reflection of your hard work - whereas on eBay it tends to be a lot cheaper.

      I think you should go for it!!

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        I also agree the Etsy is a good thing. With websites you pretty much pay for what you get, so if you're website is a cheap you're liable not to get the traffic to it in the first place. I've started relisting after about a six month absense and i've already sold several pieces and for a much higher price than I could reach via, say ebay.
        With Etsy there much more of a community vibe....there may be a lot more people selling the same kind of thing you are but there's also a lot more people interested...not like untargetted traffic you might get on a website.
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          I opened an etsy shop a few weeks ago and although I haven't actually sold anything yet I did have a lady asking for a custom order within the first few hours of setting up shop.
          I do agree that Etsy is excellent value for money though. I've sold on ebay for a few years and the fees are crippling. I've also been accepted to sell on Tuggle but as I can only afford the cheaper subscription they would be taking a whopping great 25% commission! Etsy let you list as many items as you like too where as with Tuggle you can only list 20 (or 50 depending on your subscription level). I'm definitely going to stick it out on Etsy for this year. One thing I have discovered is that paying $7 (£3.50ish) for a 24hr slot on the showcases does bring traffic through your shop.
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