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  • How many clicks can you stand?

    The problem: I made a website for a friend selling spe******t fabrics.
    It is aimed at the UK. he likes it. his customers like it. A bit too much.
    He's got people in the USA asking for stuff.
    He'd like a website just for them - prices in dollars, shipping stated etc

    Here's where I need your help.

    If you are shopping online how do you feel about a front page that says UK customers click here, USA customers click there before you can see anything......? Then it jumps to the relevant pages.

    How do you feel about having a button along the lines of 'if you live in the USA click here' on a front page that also has a lot of things to look at?
    (I'm just thinking that the other day I missed the English flag button on Nathalie's Route de l'Artisanat site. (Customers can become a little distracted.)

    How canI keep all the people happy all the time?

    Thanks for your opinions

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    I regularly buy from companies that have a "click here for USA/dollars"

    It doesn't bother me at all - in fact it gives the impression of being a large company

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      I like the idea of the flags on the landing page taking you to a site specifically for your country. I often miss those little buttons so I know what you mean, but it would be harder to miss a huge flag on the landing page.

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        I like the idea of the flags and like the others have used sites with this before, makes it easier.


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          A large flag -hmmmmmm.....thinks........that's a good idea.

          A large company - ha ha ha - his warehouse is his garage, his office is his consevatory - oh boy is his wife not happy...except he's charming and a fantastic cook. His wife's lovely too

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            I agree with the flag on the front page, I have used many sites which have this and found them very easy to navigate
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