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Jewellery sell off this Saturday

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  • Jewellery sell off this Saturday

    I am having a sell off of all my beaded jewellery this Saturday morning at my home and wondered if anyone had done this before and how successful it had been?
    I have roped in a few friends and given flyers to everyone we know.
    It's really difficult when you have no idea how many will turn up.

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    Last year me and a couple of friends did 2 open houses. We only invited people we knew and asked them to bring a friend. Must admit it was the best idea i ever had - sold so much and did one at my house so didnt even have to leave the house.

    Good luck with yours and hope it will be a profitable day for you.

    The Soap Fairy xx


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      Thanks Donna, that makes me feel a bit less stressed about it!
      I have leafleted our (v long) road and everyone i know so hope fully will have a full house.
      I want to be rid of all my beaded pieces and am also going to offer 10% off all my fine silver items just for the morning. Could really have done with some more time to make more stuff but have had a v busy week.
      Glad it worked out well for you.


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        Oh also to add, if anyone on here lives in the Bath/Bristol area and is interested in coming along see my facebook page or webpage for details (links above).


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          Just to report back on my jewellery sale at home today, it was great. Sold half my old stock and in 3 hours took nearly enough to buy a kiln! Yay.


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            fantastic well done! Its great to be able to get rid of some stock you dont need and put the money into something you really want! So pleased it went well for you!