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Just an idea...would anyone be interested in this?

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  • Just an idea...would anyone be interested in this?

    A friend of mine and I are thinking about doing a charity skydive. We went to uni together, work in the same team and know a lot of the same people (and in her words lots of her friends are tight!) so she is quite concerned we wont be able to raise enough money for it. We've been having a think about what we can do to get sponsorship/raise money for it - mass mail everyone, facebook, posters, cake sale etc but I was wondering about a raffle as well.

    This is just an idea I had the other night, dont know if it will go ahead, but if it did, would some of you maybe donate a voucher for your craft business for the raffle? If you say yes, there's no obligation, I'm not going to hunt you down for it or anything, I just wanted to vague reaction to it really. And it doesnt have to be a £100 voucher either - £5 or £10 is perfectly fair! If we did the raffle we'd also go round to lots of local businesses and hopefully get them to chip in.

    Any thoughts gratefully received!

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    Hello, which charity would it be for?

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      I like the idea.
      Could you combine it with free advertising for anyone who donated a prize - like a webpage with a list of donaters with their web addresses that jumped to their sites? It could be like a see what you can win page.


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        Let us know which charity but I would be keen to make a donation.
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          Thanks for the replies guys, its encouraging I didnt get a dozen people saying dont be daft, that'll never work!

          The charity/charities hasnt been decided yet as we need to work out who will let us do it somewhere not too far from southampton, and who we want to do it in aid of. There seem to be a lot of different people to do it for and the cost seems to vary a lot too. We may do it for the same charity or have one each and split the takings, not sure yet. But I'm leaning towards a charity involved in the 3rd world, maybe something like Wateraid, but I want to look into what the various charities do first before I make the decision.

          I would imagine we would set up a Facebook group and have a page listing/advertising our sponsors so people would get recognition/free advertising (its only fair!)
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