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  • first jewellery sale!

    Hi all,
    I'm new to the forum and wondered if anyone could give me some advice about selling my jewellery for charity.
    I make beaded necklaces, bracelets and earrings and sell them to raise funds for my Nan's old people's home. I have been making pieces as gifts for friends and family for ages and have received great feedback so far so have finally decided to take the plunge and start selling.

    My workplace (an office with roughly 250 staff, mostly women) have kindly offered to let me do a jewellery sale next Thursday, which is great, but I'm starting to panic! Has anyone done anything similar? any advice on displaying jewellery would be great as I am totally new to this. Also, I don't know how many pieces to take along. I was thinking of taking orders so that I don't end up making lots of things that people won't buy, but I wasn't sure how willing customers were to do this.

    Thanks in advance for your help!
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    I wouldn't worry about the ladies at work tehy obviously want to lok at you stuff so just lay them out on a desk and if you have more than one person looking at a particluar piece you could take orders.

    as for selling just search fairs like the rest of us, but would your grans home be willing to let you sell some to other relatives or have their own 'open day' with maybe a cake stall,
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      My HR department have kindly said I can use the communal kitchen area sell the jewellery. I guess I'm just a little nervous as its the first time I've done anything like this!
      The home have a Christmas bazaar so I'll be sure to hold a stall there - thats a great idea. Thanks!


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        It sounds like a great way to sell your jewellery to a captive audience. I've done these myself and they have been great. I once even did a sale at the Faslane Nuclear Submarine base in Scotland in the staff canteen.

        You seem to have a lot of questions about selling your jewellery ( as we all do when we first start out.) If you look at my signature links, you can see one to my free guide. It's all about how to sell jewellery and covers, things like how to price it and display it to get the most sales.

        I hope this helps. I would put a link in this post, but although I want to help,I don't want to be spammy! ( If this is a word.) I've already posted it somewhre else today


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          Thanks so much for the link - that is really helpful. I was thinking about offering jewellery parties as I like the idea of selling in an informal setting. Pricing is definitely one of the things I've been struggling with, but I'm hoping I have it just about right now.

          Thanks for your help!


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            Had my first sale today at work and managed to make £165! Really chuffed :-) Thanks to everyone for their advice.


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              That's a fantastic result! I've taken bits into work and my colleagues have been really supportive, and what I have found is that they remember you and come back to ask to buy things when they need to buy presents in the future!