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selling on etsy, not on the high st etc ?

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  • selling on etsy, not on the high st etc ?

    i have started to make jewellery again after a break for 5 yrs, lol
    dont really want to sell via ebay, would prefer to sell via my own little online "boutique" like those hosted by etsy, not on the high st etc .. just wondered if what peoples experiences of them were .. particularly if they find it slow to sell their items
    many thanks
    floris x

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    I've always been put off the idea of etsy and ebay because of the fees and percentage they take if you sell something. I found setting up my own website with a shopping basket a better way forward. I use vistaprint to host website, easy to use, has all the paypal shopping basket links and relatively cheap. You just then have to promote your site more then you would if your stuff was on etsy though!


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      im on etsy and folksy - folksy is pretty slow - im debating coriandr. I do like etsy but there is a LOT of competition for jewellery.

      Not on the high street is very expensive to join - I heard about £500.


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        Notonthehighstreet is the only one I've ever used and although it is expensive to join, I made the money back in a very short space of time. I'm lucky enough to be one of their 100 best sellers so my work is always in their brochures. Noths has been the best thing I ever signed up for. This year so far has been phenomenal and it seems that every year gets better and better. Christmas last year was absolutely manic so in a way I'm dreading this Christmas! I do know people though who haven't had the same experience as me and I think it's down to the product and the standard of photography.
        Best wishes


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          Carole - thats fantastic! I do know another jewellery sellers on NOTHS who too is doing fantastically well. I think if you make jewellery where you can repeat designs and make multiples then it can work. Im not really at that sort of level - I just buy a few beads make something, buy a few more and make something totally different!


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            I've done ETSY, Dawanda and ebay shop. Sold nothing so got my own website. I did apply to NOTH last year got an email turning me down but no explanation, this I found off putting and asked for a reason, no reply to my email. Also asked what time scale could elapse before trying again, again heard nothing it seems if they don't like what you do they do not bother to reply to you!

            Good Luck with whatever you choose.


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              thanks everyone for your replies .. this forum moves really fast, wasnt expecting so many replies so soon, lol
              carole, have just had a nosey at your web site - your jewellery is stunning, were the little blue enamel flower earrings in noths brochure? i seem to remember seing them featured - small world!
              will give it some more thought, i think etsy seems a more realistic option over noths at the moment


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                I've sold on etsy and ebay and done quite well. Ebay not very good these days as so much junk on there, and etsy there is a LOT of competition. But both worth a shot as cheap costs


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                  Hi, I'm new here but thought I'd put my penny's worth in (and get it off my chest, lol)

                  Regarding Not on the high street', like a previous poster, I requested further information from them and even though I hadn't got to the stage of submitting any photo's of my goods or given them any particular detail about what I produce, I received a generic email from them today turning me down flat !?!

                  And they won't reply personally to emails, so I must say, hasn't given me a very good impression