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  • Advertising

    How do you go about advertising your business?

    I have done quite a few link swaps but half the people I've tried never get back to me but I do have a few.

    I have a stack of business cards but don't really know what to do with them?! I stick one in the package with every purchase but don't really know where to give them out. Any ideas?

    I am going to hopefully do a few craft fairs which will hopefully be a advertising chance as well as a selling oppurtunity. But apart from that I'm stumped!!!

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    Have you tried advertising on the crafts directory part of this site? I joined last March and have had over 700 hits - not bad!! If you are interested then talk to Mr Media (the administrator) and he will be able to help you out.
    Any other information would be good too as I'm a bit stuck on this too!
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      Marketing and Advertising is my "day job"

      You may have the best products on the marketing but unless you get your name out there people will never know about you.
      There are stacks of things you can do raise awareness of your business and a lot of them are free!

      1. PR - write a press release and send it to your local media. Make sure you have a human interest as this will be more appealing the editor.
      2. Exchange website links with similar businesses.
      3. Make sure your website's SEO is spot on (Mr Media is the man to speak to about this!)
      4. Put a business card in every letter and parcel you send out.
      5. Get involved in business cards swaps, so that other companies also include you card in their parcels.
      6. Create and mailing list and send out a monthly newsletter. I use
      7. Recommend a friend scheme.
      8. Get leaflets printed up and ask to put them in local shops and salons.
      9. Put you website link on all emails - personal and business.
      10. Donate a prize to a local raffle.
      11. Attend fairs and have business cards out.
      12. Network both on and off line.
      13. Google Adwords.
      14. Get listed on directories and search engines. Check out WebCEO.
      15. Run a competition and submit to to sites such as lomax.
      16. Word of mouth - the most powerful.
      17. loyalty schemes.
      18. Set up a blog.
      19. SMS services.
      20. PR stunts.
      21. Branded goods and freebies.
      22. Direct marketing the customers.
      23. Talk to local businesses and see if they might stock your products.
      24. Diversify
      25. Window stickers in your car.
      26. Ebay, Froogle and Esty
      27. Product party or launch event.

      I hope these help a bit!
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        Wow thats a lot of great tips!! I'll have fun working my way through that list.

        Thanks very much!!


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          Tips before you start any of the above..

          ignore the order btw

          1. Have a website... A full website e.g.
          2. Create a brand.. Why are people going to remeber you..
          3. Have a bussiness plan
          4. Free / cheap isn't best..
          5. Work out your market
            (You need to think who is going to buy the stuff? )
          6. Decide on family run type of ideas vs corp
          7. Work out the profit margins on your work
          8. Look at the year as a whole
          9. Budget, budget and more budget

          I'll try and think of some more

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            I agree with getting yourself on as many craft directories as possible. This one is a great one (I generate quite a few hits from here).

            When you do your craft fairs, remember to bring flyers and business cards and brand your stall with your company name (I make sure that every product I sell has my company and web details on it).

            Word of mouth is a great medium - talk to all the other crafters at your fairs - it is amazing what tips and advice you get from them.

            Ask your local paper, or relevant craft magazines if they would be interested in doing a feature on you (create a unique angle for them to gain interest).

            It is a slow process getting yourself known out there, you have to keep at it..

            Good luck

            Lor x
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              I agree with the flyers but I am the worlds worst - I haven't got any for myself because I just don't know what to put in them!!! Do you do them yourself or get someone to do them for you
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                I'm the same as Lisa, I think flyers, business cards, etc are great but I never remember to do my own. I'm going now to measure my car window to print an advert in it on both sides.

                My tip of the day - if you think you should do something - DO IT before you forget.

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                  I have made my own leaflets - on mine I included all my contact details and a few pictures of what I make. I think the key is to keep it simple but eye catching and make sure all your contact details are on it.
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                    I am most definately going to make flyers now. I have a craft fair on Saturday (my first since the Christmas rush).

                    I have adobe photoshop is that enough to make a good looking leaflet that doesn't look too tacky?
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                      hi candles - I have little flyers i put in all my packages - just the logo from my website, with a list of my types of products underneath and a little blurb about how fast and friendly our service is - I colour print them off on agood printer and get about eight to an A4 page - i think for my type of business (cardmaking supplies) people wouldn't want m uch more in their parcel (usually a jiffy padded envelope size). Maybe I am wrong... its a tricky old business!!
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                        Thanks for that. I said I would make flyers for my craft fair last Saturday. Guess what I didn't. I am definately doing it now as we speak.

                        Best wishes.

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