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Hope im ok to ask this

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  • Hope im ok to ask this

    if not im very sorry. Are any of you registerd on the Craft jumble site im on there as Snow Angel but its very slow not sure how long its been going. But some of you might do well if you want to sell some of your hand made crafts on there and if you register you are given £5 credit in your sellers account, so that can go towards fees etc. to begin with. Also if you refer anyone you can both get credit

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    Yes I'm registered and selling under the handmade section. No sales as yet - have had items on for about 3 weeks now. I am hoping it is just taking time and that sales will come as more people find and use the site.
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      HI I am also registered with craft jumble. It is a new site, which only started in mid January.
      I have not sold anything yet,but, as a new site, they will need time to get the word out, and to get interested visitors to the site.

      I agree it seems a bit slow at the moment,but the owners have promised an advertising blitz over the next few months, which must be hugely expensive for them until the sales get going.

      I think it is worth sticking with them for a while, as the idea is great, huge credit must go to them for leaping in and getting the thing started. Most of the sites such as this are based in the USA, so it is nice to see a UK based site. The credit given to new sellers is most welcome, and will help to drive up the listings on the site. I am not sure the site would have as many listings if this offer was not available, as sellers would look more critically at the costings involved in joining the site and placing listings.

      Basically, my view is that, whilst it is not costing me much in financial terms, i am happy to support the site by listing items, and if the site and sales start flowing, them we have both gained.
      Good luck to everybody involved, the sellers and the owners.



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        I have been lucky and sold 2 things on there so far not worth much money but its a start

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          Hi I am registered with craft jumble but am finding it an awful experience. For a start I registered with the offer of £5.oo credit towards my fees but they are now refusing to honour that saying that offer finished months ago. I only looked at the site for the first time ever when I registered three weeks ago and the offer came up on the screen then. When I sold some items it shows that I owed them the fees so I queried it saying about the credit and they said that if I made a fuss over it they would cancel my membership anyway. personally I think the site is a waste of time and very difficuilt to use. I have sold on ebay since they began and it is much much better plus if you are selling prices go much higher as there are more buyers out there.
          I know that ebay costs a bit more but basically you get what you pay for so Craft Jumble is a big no no as far as I'm concerned.
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            Well I just registerd Will see what happens
            Shabby Neesey


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              I think it's been going for over a year and they did say some time ago they were going to do some BIG advertising but i've never seen it. I don't think it will do very well as the only people who know about it are crafters.
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                Hi, what is Craft Jumble- is it like Ebay but for crafts?