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How to Add a Twitter Button to Your Website

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  • How to Add a Twitter Button to Your Website

    Getting people to twitter your website is a great way to get the word out without spending a cent. If you do your own web design this might help.

    The code to add a twitter button is really easy. This how to explains step by step one way to get people tweeting your site to the world.

    Step 1
    The assumption is that you can access and edit the html code on your website. If not just ask your webmaster to do the following.

    Find a picture of a cute little birdie. You can do a simple text link as well but the picture hyperlink looks nice. If you are using a picture, upload it to your server so that you can reference it.

    Step 2
    If you are only going to do a twitter text link, find the spot in the html code that you want the link to appear and type the following.
    <a href=" Your Tweet Message Here." target="_blank">Tweet Me</a>
    Where it says "Add Your Tweet Message Here" type in something about your website like, Really cool craft site here. then in the YourSite part, type in your website address.

    The bit that says Tweet Me could be changed to something else like Re Tweet Me or recommend My Site or whatever you want your visitors to see.
    The target = blank will open up the visitors tweet page seperate from your website so that they can come back to your website after tweeting it.

    Step 3
    If you want to link the picture and have the Tweet Me text as well, just do something like the following.
    <a href=" Your Tweet Message Here." target="_blank"><img title="Tweet Me"style="WIDTH: 55px; HEIGHT: 53px"alt="Tweet Me"src="images/re-tweet.jpg"border="0">Tweet Me</a>
    The same rules apply as far as the text link goes, and you only have to make sure that the image is referenced correctly by name and location. ie: the folder on your server and the correct image name. The height and width also depend on what image you have used.

    I have put the same code on a website for you to have a look at. Go over to the site and have a look and give it a tweet to see how it would work for your website.
    The site is at You will see the little tweeter on the top right of the header.

    Happy tweeting and hope this How to Add a Twitter Button to Your Website tutorial helps.


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    Thanks Marc, very informative
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      Wow, thanks for the info, I have only set up a Twitter account today so I will now try to add my twitter link to my website.
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        Brilliant suggestion Biz.

        Thanks a mill.
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