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What method has helped most in selling your crafts?

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  • What method has helped most in selling your crafts?

    I am just thinking about what methods of selling/marketing are the most successful for me and also wht other ways can I use to promote my crafts.

    So what works best for you?


    I think my most useful method has been Search Engine Optimisation for my website and getting top ranking in google formy keywords. Most ofmy sales come from web searches so this has been crucial for me.

    I am alway looking to learn how other people promote thier crafts, so what do you do?

    Steve :-)
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    Hi Steve,
    I just tried to see what you do, but your website isn't available now. If you're doing well in search engines, an adword campaign may not help. It could be just a waste of money, if people click on your advert instead of your listing.

    The trouble with advertising is you never know what the response is from any one advert, so it's difficult to gauge if your money is well spent.

    I wonder about advertising in a magazine like Country Living. I know, it's very expensive, but you do see small companies and craftspeople advertising in there.
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      I was thinking of getting some business card size flyers done and putting them in hair dressers, nail shops, tanning shops etc but I am not sure how successful this will be.

      Todate I have been putting ads on peoples myspace pages in the comments and on facebook just making friends with the world and sending updates. Using Adwords and SEO.

      Other than that I havent reallys done anything else to promote myself so somemore tips would be great as sales on the net are slow, face to face is getting better.
      Still Finding my niche but getting there!!!

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