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setting up a website...Mr site?

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  • setting up a website...Mr site?

    hello all

    so i'm thinking of setting a website to sell my stuff on and i found mr site which looked awesome but now after reading some threads i'm not so sure?!?

    can anyone recommend either another programme like mr site that doesn't cos the earth or if you are using mr site would you recommend it? and do you have any examples of mr site built websites i could look at?



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    I've used mr site since I set up & love it!
    I've just upgraded to the pro site which has a lot of extra site boost tools like adding your keywords & meta tags and analysing your traffic etc.
    But you can easily set up an online shop on the basic site - it only costs £35 for the year & the potential size of your site is HUGE. I've only used 4% of my web space.
    I found it dead easy to set up my shop, you obviously have to be prepared to put in the hours of tweeking to get it just right but I'd definitely recommend it.
    Anyway, have a look at my site - see what you think. There's quite a lot on here who use them & if you go on mr site's website they have a few links to other sites for you to look at.
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      I use doyourownsite

      You can have a 30day free trial so can build your website in this time and see if you like the DYOS system. I love it, very easy and they are very helpful too

      ooo and it's cheap
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        Mine's a MrSite, and for someone like me, that doesn't know the first thing about websites, I have found it lovely to work with, it's so easy to use and I didn't need any help to do it all myself.

        Feel free to have a look

        Oh and it's the standard one, that usually sells for around £30, I got it at Staples for about £25.


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          I am in the process of getting rid of my over priced web people! So as of next month am building my own on 'do your own' the free trial is good, see what you think. I don't think you can go wrong with either mr site or DYO, they both offer a cheaper alternative to getting someone else to do it!
          Dee x
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            I've got mr site and love it !!
            it was sooooooooooo easy to set up
            its easy to add things and change things
            best thing I ever did


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              I have a mrsite website I found it easy to set up just took a bit of time to list everything onto the website but once it's on it's easy to just keep tweeking.Your welcome to have a look it's
              We bought it from Staples and it was only £15 in the sale



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                This is where I go against the grain and say I have never tried Mr Site. For general e-commerce websites I use Zen Cart which is free, it has lots of options and is really useful if you are selling lots of items.

                Another one is Joomla, which is a bit harder to figure out but once it is up and running is very easy to use. You can combine it with a simple Paypal shopping cart and best of all it is also FREE!!

                Dealing/making/running websites is my main day to day job so I guess I find it easier than some to figure out what to do. But if you need any help please just ask.
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                  I used to be Mr Site, but switched to DYOS as found it had many more option's and just as easy to use.

                  Depends what you want I guess


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                    thanks you guys! i was panicking a bit, i thought i was going to scrap my plans!

                    all of your sites look really good! Mr site seems the way to may sound silly but i think i'll go pro straight away, seems to have more of what i need and want.

                    anyway thanks again



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                      Now i'm confused!!Ha ha oh well...!x
                      Dee x
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                        I use Mr Site for my handmade jewellery selling website and also for my day-job website. I've had the one for my day job (I'm self employed) for a couple of years now and had very few problems with it. I actually won a competition with them about a year ago (I had filled in a survey from their newsletter) and the prize was a brand new laptop and a Mr Site Pro pack. Bizzarely I had literally only just broken my own laptop so the timing couldn't have been better! When I decided to try selling my jewellery I just used the Pro pack I had.

                        It all works well but have had a couple of teething problems with it, mainly with the contact form and paypal integration. Overall though it really seems to be great value. One of the important things for me is that I could log on from anywhere in the world, check my emails, edit the website or add/remove items from my shop.

                        I have to add that I've not used DYOS so I'm not sure how they compare but I believe that they're a little bit more expensive than the ordinary Mr Site.

                        Sorry for waffling on ...


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                          so it seems Mr site is good... i suppose the problems people are havin can be expected in way.

                          so thanks for all your help

                          love your website and jewellery clarita

                          thanks again



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                            One of the great things about having Mr site and being on this forum is that if you do have a problem, then there are loads of people who step in to help you. We also have Anne from Mrsite who pops in specifically to help out with any queries.
                            I've been using Mr site for several years and am very happy with it.
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                              I had a look at what Mr Site is offering and it all looks quite ok for smaller sites.
                              I would still think that if you want to have a totally scalable site with a lot more bandwidth and all that the web can offer you need to go to someone like Go Daddy.
                              A little more daunting but well worth the learning curve.
                              They also have a host of web builders and storefronts etc that come with the hosting packages. You will find the prices are also extremely competitive.