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  • Blogging etiquette? Help!

    I've been blogging for a few months now. I started when we were buying a new house which needed a lot of work, so a lot of the posts have been about that.

    I've now rollered enough ceilings to last me a lifetime (still got the stairs to do... ) and I'm ready to get blogging more about my crafts, and want to link to other blogs. Where do I start? Do I ask to swop links? Do I comment on others' posts? Do I follow other blogs and hope they follow mine? Can they follow mine - do I need to set something up first?

    I don't want to go about things all wrong - is there some sort of blog etiquette to all this?


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    Hi Wendy

    I'm not great with this blog malarky so perhaps somebody with more experience will come along in a mo, I just went onto you blog (the cherry blossom tree is boootiful by the way!!) but usually you can have a bit where people can just link to be a follower to your blog. I think perhaps this is in your settings? If you get that up then we can all become a follower
    Dee x
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      Wendy I would do all of what you said -
      Chris xx
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        Hi Wendy I blog usually on a Monday with 'Show and Tell Monday' a group of us make it a regular thing, does not always have to be about what you are making, as you have done can be about what you are doing.

        I have left a comment but cannot see where to follow you otherwise I would have linked, can you point me in the right direction please.


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          I don't know how wordpress works, but if anyone on blogger wants to follow just go into your dashboard - blogs I follow - manage. Click on manage and paste the address into the space and it's done! It won't however, show up on wendy's blog only on yours and you can see her updates from there.

          BTW, Wendy, I love your blog as I like to see before and after pictures. A very interesting blog if you ask me.
          Gail x

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            I enjoyed reading your blog too. Ive recently started blogging more about every day things as well as my ceramics, makes it more interesting for others i think


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              Hi Wendy!

              I'm really really new to blogging . . I did my 1st blog yesterday afternoon!

              I didn't even know there was a blog etiquette

              But I agree with everything that everyone has said . . it's just finding the time to do it all!

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                Thank you so much everyone for your replies - and kind comments!

                Caroline - sorry, I can't point you in the right direction, because I don't know but Gail said in her post that you can do it from your own dashboard on blogger ...thanks Gail. This advice should help all on Blogger.

                Charlotte - thanks! Yes, I agree that blogs with some everyday things in make more interesting reading - you seem to get a bit of an insight into that person or their day.

                Gloria - welcome to the world of blogging! Yes, time's definitely an issue - loading up photos makes it even more time-consuming, but it's also a lot of fun. I think it'll be more fun once I get linking and commenting on other blogs.

                Dee and Chris - thanks also.

                I will try to add all your blogs as links on the side of my blog (blogroll I think it's called in Blogger?) - maybe you could do the same for me? Please?

                Back to blogging etiquette questions: if you want to comment on your own blog about someone else's, and you want to use a pic on their blog to illustrate what you're saying, should you ask permission first? How would you approach them - by a comment, or what?

                Links: If anyone else would like to swop bloglinks, please let me know!
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                  I have just started my bog too. Just been having a look at yours and have become 'a follower' to a few. Really enjoyed it. Good to see what people are up to. Particularly like yours Charlotte. I love the images you have put up, the pics from the woods are fab. can see where you get inspiration from. Keep it up. Looking forward to seeing more. Trouble is it eats into crafting time and I should be finishing an order I've had for napkins!!!
                  Feel free to check mine out.


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                    Hi what you said sounds ok to me. am now a follower and would be happy to trade link mine is in sig below. I logged into my blog the other day and my hit counter had gone up from about 800 to 2900! I didn't know Brief Encounter was that popular! Gone back to normal daily amount now but would love to know what I did, lol


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                      i dont know how to follow you because you're on wordpress.I'm not even sure if you can follow wordpress blogs, can you?
                      I like your blog though!
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                        hi Abi yes you can you go to your dashboard manage blogs and Add, then right click and paste the url into it hope this helps x


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                          Fab bags

                          I love your bags Not Just Bags. The recent one you have done looks good in the Valorie Wells fabric. Fancy a bit of that fabric myself. One of my pinnies would look great made out of it! Have started to check your blog out. Feel free to look at mine!

                          Just looked at your stuff in your shop. Are you not under selling yourself? They are beautiful bags and you have obviously had a lot of work put into them!
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                            I just add people's blogs as being followed and reciprocate if someone follows me. Hardest part is as some have said keeping up with it all. I use Firefox as my browser where you can have multiple tabs as your home page. When I open the browser I have 13 tabs automatically opening including all the forums, my blog, twitter facebook etc so it is there for me to just click on and add without too much hassle. You can do the same in Explorer but are limited to about 5 tabs I think. Saves a lot of hassle and also makes sure that anything you need to check or update regularly is there every time you log on.

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