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    Whats the best way to put your own tags on your jewellery when it is being displayed in a shop? The shop will price them but i want something on there so when people take it home they will see it is made by me not the shop.

    I was thinking of getting some stickers with Handmade by Greentree Crafts Edinburgh on it. These can be stuck to a bit of card with string attaching it to the jewellery. But im not sure if thats too much. I need to tag my stuff with my name. The shop wont do it.
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    I had some tags printed (business card size) that can be cut into 4 tags, one side has my logo and the other has my website address (really small at the bottom) so a price tag or code can be stuck onto it. I then punch a hole and tie black cord so it can be attached to my jewellery.

    You could also use Moo cards, although this may work out to be too expensive.

    Good luck with it!


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      you could put them in personalised boxes.


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        I bought some lovely heart shaped tags off someone on this forum (sorry i forgot your username) I then use a Calligraphy pen to hand write my name on them. 1 tip though - you would need silver ink for the darker hearts
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          Thanks everyone. Im not sure whether to do boxes or tags. I have them in green boxes already that use for fairs. But im not sure how well they are displayed when in a box. I think i need to ask what they prefer.

          If i didnt do boxes i would probably do tags, but how can you tag earrings without the tag taking over?

          Iv found a place called able label that do 1000 stickers for £10. I would then need to buy card and string too, but it wont be too many tags i need. I Can then use the stickers for other things too.
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            I do mine with parcel tags in a dark taupe colour (ebay) in large for necklaces and small for bracelets (and possibly earrings). I then have a stamp with my name on so stamp one side.