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approaching boutiques to sell my work

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  • approaching boutiques to sell my work

    Hi all,

    I would like some advice on approaching some boutiques to sell my art work / illustrations.

    i've only ever sold on etsy before when i was doing some different art. i've started to do a lot more illustrations and 'cute' art...i call it that because i'm having fun with it, its far less serious than what i did before...anyway..

    The town where i work has a few really cute little boutiques that i think my work would look great in...and hopefully sell too! but i've never approached any shops before. is there a custom, percentage for sale, etc etc...i'm quite clueless in this.

    has anyone done this before, doing this now, or does anyone have a little boutique themselves?

    any advice would be great.

    the price of my work will vary, depending on materials used, size etc!

    many ta's


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    confidence is the key

    I have just got three boutiques willing to display and or sell my work.

    I went into four shops, the first said no but was really nice about it and wished me all the luck, he must have ment it because the next three said yes.

    I had never done this before, but I just popped in with some samples of my work and told them who I was what I did and if they would be interested in looking at my work and possibly displaying/selling for me.

    Each boutique will be different as to what percentange of sale they will want, my baby boutique is happy with 20%, and I have offered a buy back scheme.

    This gives the shop confidence that they won't have spent out on something that is just going to sit on thier shelves collecting dust.

    Just don't go into sales figures straight away let them look at your pieces of work and then only discuss prices % when they agree.

    Print off a simple excel spread sheet when you take your products to the boutique with retail price of each product, and the amount of commission they will make from each product, give a grand total to show what they will pay you, and what they will make back in return.

    Does this help