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Does everyone do fairs?

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  • Does everyone do fairs?

    I'm in the process of preparing for 3 upcoming fairs, all of which are happening in the space of 10 days or so, and I am just so fed up of it! Don't get me wrong, I love crafting and creating but I think the pressure of having a deadline and having to build up stock really puts me in a downer and somehow makes me less motivated...does anyone else get this?

    So I'm thinking, is it feasible to do just the internet selling thing or taking stock to work or friend's to sell things? I suppose the thing with fairs is that they are a good influx of money and a good way to get your name out there but ugh.

    See what I mean! I'm foruming when I should be making!! ARGH!

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    I'd hardly say that fairs are a "good influx of money", they are as hit and miss as everything else. The thing with fairs is that you are there, could can speak to the customers, online you're not. If someone is at your stall and is a bit undecided you can sometimes talk them round, or ask if you can help them. It's more personal than internet.

    Also even if you don't sell that much, you are getting yourself known and can hand out cards to your internet sites.

    Perhaps you should think about spacing out your fairs, so you are not under so much pressure in a short space of time.

    I know what you mean about the pressure putting you off making, I feel the same! I like to work at my own pace, but if I want to sell and make some money back on my craft spending, then I have to get out there!!!
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      Crafting for fun is wonderful, I agree that when you have a deadline to craft to sell it takes that relaxing edge away.

      Good luck with your fairs!


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        I agree with Diane, fairs can be hard work but they are a good stepping stone for customers to actually see your work.

        I am doing both this year but at the fairs will certainly be pushing my website with a leaflet rather than a business card, that can get lost.


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          I agree that working to a deadline can be offputting but then so can the lack of face to face contact with only dealing online.

          Personally I'd try to space your fairs out a bit until you have a good quantity of stock already built up and make sure you hand our fliers, etc with your website address at every available opportunity.

          Without visitors to your website then you won't get customers and without promoting your site you won't get visitors so if nothing else use the craft fairs as a way of getting your name and website address known.

          Good luck with your craft fairs