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Has anyone ever tried selling their craft on eBay?

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  • Has anyone ever tried selling their craft on eBay?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm thinking of listing a few of my ceramic items on eBay to see if and how well they might sell... Has anyone ever tried this and was it successful? Would you use eBay again? I know about Etsy but I don't think it is very popular? Although Etsy is specifically aimed at hand made crafts.

    Any advice or comments would be appreciated!


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    I still sell quite a lot on Ebay although I closed my shop when the prices went up, not just because of the prices but I didnt have the range to make the shop viable. Try reading the forums on Ebay and ask some of the sellers they are really helpful.


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      I don't sell on ebay/etsy or anywhere other than our website and at events.

      I have found in a previous life that ebay is an expensive way of selling, there fees/paypal etc.

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        I have sold my jewellery on ebay before but found no one bid unless I out start price at 99p, then there is the danger of selling it for that so I didnt continue with it.
        Have tried etsy but no sales at all. May give it another go though.


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          Hi, I sell quite a bit on ebay at christmas (mainly cards) but I don't bother much the rest of the year. I had to give up the ebay shop because of costs. It is difficult to make money since you have to pay listing fees, then a percentage of the selling cost and then you have to pay paypal (which is really ebay!) to process the payment!!!
          That said it does get your stuff out to a huge audience very quickly and people may well trust the ebay/paypal system better than putting their credit card details into a random craft website....
          Worth having a go and see if it works for you maybe?


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            Hi, I've got an e-bay shop with powerseller status and I've found several pros and cons. If you have a shop, then you do pay a monthly fee but the listing fees are lower and you can have things up there for a longer duration. E-bay hiked the prices up last autumn which means if you only want to sell a few bits and pieces it can work out very expensive. Most customers are really looking for bargains so they will want cheaper prices. It is a good medium to 'dip your toe in the water' and find out if there's an audience for your product as it's 24-7 and international and, for many people, still the most popular selling site around. I am now setting up my own website, using the same name as my e-bay shop, so I'm hoping this will have raised the profile somewhat - and I'm also going to use it as a tool to direct traffic to my own website, once up and running. I find it great to sell on my second hand stuff and crafty bits and pieces I pick up at bargain prices, which then accumulates some funds in paypal and I use this to buy materials to make my nicer pieces, which I'll take to craft fairs and put on my website.

            So, some advantages, some disadvantages. I'd certainly think about putting a few pieces on there and seeing how they go.

            Hope that was useful - pm me if you'd like to pick my brains in more detail!

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              I sell occasionally on Ebay I find it a good way to introduce my cards to people and then I can lure them away and they start to buy privately
              I have a few customers who ordered one card via an e.bay listing but now regularly purchase every month but do so direct from me, one has just introduced her friend to us !!
              another lady likes to buy via e.bay as she is saving up her nectar points ( I didn't realise you could build up nectar points by purchasing through e.bay ??? ) but she has had a couple of cards recently so who am I to complain lol
              the only thing I do hate is paypal fees !!!


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                There are some interesting points here.

                I did try listing about 5 pieces of my work but nothing sold... I'm not sure if it is the right sort of stuff to sell via eBay? If I put the starting bid too high then people wont be interested, but if it is started too low then I run the risk of selling it for nothing, as mentioned above. I think most people shopping on eBay are looking for bargains?

                Maybe I'll give it a go with some of my smaller, cheaper pieces...


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                  I do find that e.bay doesn't seem as popular as it used to
                  I think a lot of people left when they messed about with the shop format and put their prices up


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                    Am thinking about trying, got an email recently about 0p listings but a not sure if there is a catch somewhere. Thought it might be a good way to advertise. Not sure about highvalue bits tho, lots of handmade tiaras going for 99p recently
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                      I wouldn't think of looking for quality stuff on ebay.

                      However you sell on the internet you're going to pay for site hosting (or listing on one of the selling sites) and a percentage or amount per transaction for cart/payment gateway.
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                        My view on EBay (and any other 'mass sales' websites) is generally that they are good for:

                        1. Clearing excess, old or damaged stock
                        2. Testing new products
                        3. Running "promotions" to attract traffic

                        For the long-haul, you probably want your own website as (amongst other benefits) this permits you to establish a brand, and avoids some of the fees you would otherwise incur.

                        Think that makes sense - bit scrambled - paint fumes!

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                          I sold a some totally handmade pieces of sterling silver jewellery I made on Ebay. I had a shop and everything. I found it great for getting feedback on my work but there was so much imported mass produced silver jewellery claiming to be handmade, priced so low that it made my work seem less valuable to people and they queried my prices ...I was only selling for £25 and making hardly any profit! It was also hard to find my stuff among all the 'tat'. I did however sell pieces and got a couple of £100+ private commissions out of it. What used to annoy me was people who weren't serious wanting full details for a piece on commission and then not even bothering to thank me for my time in pricing up for them, which usually took me about an hour! Using ebay, albeit for a short amount of time, did do wonders for my confidence in my work, it's nice to know that out there somewhere total strangers are walking round wearing my jewellery and loving it.

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                            What used to annoy me was people who weren't serious wanting full details for a piece on commission and then not even bothering to thank me for my time in pricing up for them, which usually took me about an hour!
                            Probably just fishing for info to use for their own pricing structure? There are a lot of em' about!
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                              I think eBay isn't right for crafts and handmade items. There is so much craft on there and I see it as the car boot sale of the internet. People are on there to look for a bargain and there is a lot of rubbish mass produced stuff on there.

                              Plus the fees are really high.

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