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Displaying jewellery in a gallery

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  • Displaying jewellery in a gallery

    I have been approached about displaying my jewellery in a gallery. Can anyone who has done this tell me how best to display and market my items. I know the gallery takes a % of the sale. However I was wondering how best to display items ie in presentation boxes or loose. I normally wrap my sold pieces in organza bags. Do I do labels for individual items explaining what they are made of?
    Any suggestions will be welcome as I am very new to this and this has come out of the blue! (the Gallery is not near where I live)

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    As far as display is concerned the Gallery will take care of that and may also use their own packaging. I put tags on all my pieces so that the Gallery knows what each piece is but again some galleries produce their own tags for uniformity. I suggest you ask then what they prefer
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      Go for it!

      I agree with Kiamyka, it is always best to find out what the gallery wants as it can save you time and energy. When I supply galleries and shops ever item has its own label with a product number and price with my name on. Every time I deliver I give them a delivery note and every time I get paid I issue an invoice. I supply packaging with an insert with my name on, small stands and dispaly stuff, most use them but some shops dont. The more proffessional you are about what you provide the more chance you have of beating the competition and being asked to do it again.
      Hope this is helpful and good luck


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        Most galleries make the description labels and price tags themselves, once you have agreed on prices. They usually wouldn't expect you to make the labels yourself because they would use the same labels that are used for all other artists work in the gallery, so it all looks the same. I had a mini interview at all of the galleries where I sell my ceramics, and after getting to know you they type up a page about me and my work which is good. They also use their own packaging when an item sells, and i receive an invoice at the beginning of each month from the month before. If you are successful in displaying/selling your work in a gallery, try to get them to add your details onto their websites, with a link to your site!