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    OK I can't believe I have ended up here feel like I have gone full circle......

    When I was first looking for a host I looked and looked and went with 1&1 I can't remember why si discounted Mr Site at the time.

    However now I am looking to move it has come up as one of the options again. I would go for the pro package but does it allow you to have discount codes? And how good are the stats and visitor anaylisis it gives you.

    My other current option is doyourownsite but I can't see how much mb space etc they allow you.

    Any Thoughts???????? HELP

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    Stat and Visitor analysis on Mr Site Pro is very good, but I've just changed over to DYOS, as many more options on site layout, coulors, discounts, payment options etc.....

    Really is very good, and have loads of space - can't remember how much exactly, but I'm no where near my end!


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      oooh thanks that's really interesting,
      I think I'm leaning towards DYOS just need to play a bit more on my free trial. My main worries were the back up if things go wrong, you get with them as is says "basic back up" which worried me a bit, and the ammount of webspace and monthly traffic you were allowed as like I say I can't see that any where.

      Thanks again


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        I would email them and ask. I've has a couple of questions and they've always got back to me really quickly!


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          Hi, Mr Site doesn't enable you to use discount codes (even though people keep asking for them), and I use Google Analytics rather than using the MrSite stats as you get loads more information. Hope that helps!
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