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  • any ideas about my website

    hi all, ive had my website for nearlly a year now ,subscription due shortly and have had 700 odd views but only one sale.My jewellery sells well at fairs, festivals etc so just dont know what im doing wrong on the website, any ideas!!!Ineed something online to show my crafts and need advice whether to carry on with website just as a show case (its a mr site one) or to try ebay or somewhere else. I thought my website looked ok but something is obviously outting people off , any help ,suggestions highly needed, promise i wont be offended!!
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    Iv just had a look at your site, and omg there is some lovely stuff there!

    I think maybe you just arent getting enough traffic - 700 visitors over a year isnt very many, and depending on how your stats are collected they may be counting each page view as a new person - or does it state unique visits? 700 visitors in a year = 2 per day!

    It might be worth trying to increase your traffic - do you hand out business cards/leaflets at events so people can look you up when they get home?

    It might also be worth posting on lots of craft forums as much as you can, as you can usually put your website in your signature and get people clicking through from that.

    Maybe start a blog - I have only just started mine (Im not trying to sell anything though) and I get between 15-80 hits a day at the moment, with the higher amount being if I also post on forums etc what I have blogged about. You can advertise your website / etsy shop etc on your blog, and hopefully people will see and want to buy!

    Claire x


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      I just had a quick look at your site.

      It is very sloooooow to load pictures up close. ( in fact I gave up)

      I am not a jewellery person myself, but couldn't quite work out what I was looking at.

      If your items sell well at fairs, that's good, but only getting 700 visits per month, are you "pulling through" your customers to your site? keeping our customers and getting them to recommend us to others is half the battle.

      Sorry if I sound harsh - you did ask.


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        Hi, first let me say that your jewellery is beautiful, it really is! Second, my first impression when I looked at your website was 'is this the only design you do'? So, although I love your work, they are all a bit 'samey'? I sincerely hope I'm not offending you by saying this because I think you may have something different here, you just need to branch out a bit. Maybe you do, but just haven't added any to your website yet, in which case I apologise in advance!
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          My fella has taken a look for you - he`s a web designer.
          This is the feedback he has given....

          Paypal not liked by many people due to it being easy to hack and therefore identity theft can happen then on a secure payment gateway.

          Your pictures take too long to open due to them not being optimised.

          Should be showing off your on-line shope on the front page that is prominant.

          Your "keyword density" could to be improved. This can be done my putting key words on your front page & echo them around the site. Also in the title bar at the very top of your computer screen (presently says Kaya Flower Jewellry Homepage) - should also read.... Jewellery | Bracelets | Necklace | Earings | Brooch | On Line Shop etc...
          Not only do you need to improve sales, the more visits you have the more sales you`ll make.
          How about a small free gift with a purchase over a certain £?
          Keep withit though - a website is essential nowadays even if its just a gallary.

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            I agree that you're jewellery is lovely - very original! I can see why it sells well at fairs as it's nice to find something different - as a customer I would feel like I'd found something very unique.

            I like the look of your website - the front page is very effective I think as there's not too much going on and it's easy to navigate. I must say though that when I first went into it I didn't scroll down and read the information about you and your forth coming fairs - I didn't realise it was there as it doesn't show up unless you scroll down. Might it be worth having this on a seperate page - e.g. have a specific page for events maybe?

            The photos are quite small in your shop - I'm not sure that you can do anything about this though as mine is the same and I also use Mr Site (I think yours is a Mr Site?). I had to click on the pictures to get a good idea of what the item looked like, so I can imagine this might be frustrating if it's taking a while to load for someone. It loaded fine for me though.

            Hope this helps and all the best for 2009!
            Katian Mosaics

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              My computer is very slow, especially at the moment, it doesnt like the rain!!! (well actually not pooter thats the prob but AOL) saying that I could get into your pictures with no problems, I think your site looks good, uncluttered and nice to see the price and postage next to the item.

              Still loads of people using paypal and to be honest I am more likely to buy through paypal than give a website my card details.

              Only thing I would say on the downside, I agree after the first couple of pictures I was asking myself, are there any more designs? (Sorry)
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                700 hits are not many, as well as the above advice there are many directories throughout the web where you can register for free and this shoud increase the traffic through your site.
                It´s all about numbers, on average only between 1 to 2% of people that click through to a site will actually buy anything so obviously to get sales you need as many visits as possible.
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                  thankyou to every one for your imput,have taken it all on board and will work through all ideas.Dont worry i wasnt offended by anything ,just really gratefull for an unobjective view. I am expanding on my range, my reasoning behind it all being kinda the same was i wanted to create a 'brand' so people would identify it was me for the first year ,if that makes sense.I am now making some different jewellery but which fits alongside this range soi am all inspired at the mo.Anyway still havent decided whether to keep a website or yet, god i cant make a descision .But as i am in the process of waiting for repleys to see whether ive been accepted for a number of music festivals i may be forced to keep it as they all need to view it as i wrote it on the application forms,thanks everyone
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                    Hi ya,

                    Its so hard to sell on the internet as its so big... things i do are:

                    Sell on ebay/use facebook to advertise/go on lots & lots of forums & have name in signature/swap links with people/advertise locally/put buissness cards in with all orders

                    I think your website looks really good so no probs there!

                    Good luck with everything

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                      Firstly - I would keep the site. Are you handing out business cards too - maybe previous customers from your fairs would appreciate being able to buy from your website and not have to wait for the next fair.

                      I agree with some of the comments about your designs, although I can understand yor reasoning, and I do like the flower shape, I think you should have some different ones too.

                      I like the header at the top, but I think the fact that some is lower case and some is in capitals makes it look a little untidy (sorry)

                      I love the childrens jewellery, expect some orders from me in the future, my little girl would love a necklace!
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                        You mentioned maybe listing on ebay - I wouldn't bother as you'll get lost amongst the imported rubbish and the fees are a joke nowadays. What I would recommend though is opening a Folksy or MISI shop - they let you add a link to your own website so are a good way to help people find you and drive traffic that way.

                        Another option might be downgrading your MrSite (or using a different host) to effectively just be a window that leads customers to a Folksy or MISI shop. That would mean you still have your own URL & site (for advertising, business cards etc), but you're not paying for a shop that isn't used. Could work out cheaper to pay per listing on Folksy or MISI than paying your full subscription. I guess that would depend on how broad a range of designs you want to expand to.
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