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  • crafts wanted in lincolnshire/ cambridgeshire/peterborough/ leicestershire...


    I have had an idea to sell crafts in our area...if we could get a number of crafters together (around 6 probably) in the closeish proximity then over a period of around 3-6 months we could go round each of our houses and hold an open house type evening where we invite friends/work collegues/neighbours. It would be a relativly cheap way of showing our goods to a wide audience. I did something similar at christmas and took around £100 with a friend selling soaps etc taking about £70.

    If you are interested let me know!

    I'm based in stamford...30 mins from peterborough and 50mins from leicester.

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    Unfortunately I'm too far away but just wanted to say what great idea. Hope it goes well.
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      I think this is a good idea, I'm in Lincoln and i would be interested in it.
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        Hi Katie

        I think thats fab, but for me i dont drive so have to get the train all the time. and my fella may be moving back to Lincoln in the coming months hopefully April time as that is when our lease runs out so I would be very happy to do something like this

        I would say i'd be happy to now, but my apartments kinda small and you can only fit a few peeps in!

        Keep me updated x
        Dee x
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          Good to see a few other people are interested.

          I'm thinking we could do the next one a few weeks before Mothers day whenever that is! A friend of mine sells soaps and bath bombs and is putting some mothers day baskets together so I think she woudl come along too. I also have a friend that makes the most gorgeous cup cakes!!