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  • Getting your items into shops

    I'm interested in getting some of my items into shops, but have no idea where to start with it. Is there a list somewhere of good places to try, or is it just approach shops and ask? I cant see it working with the normal high street ones, but that seems to be all there is round here. (I'm sure there must be more interesting ones, i've just not found them!) Any advice would be great!

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    Find the independent shop - local to you - that you would be proud to have your wares in.

    Talk to the owner - offer SOR - for a few weeks - then take it from there - they lose nothing - you could gain everything.

    Insist on doing your own display - with your own POS


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      Keep looking for independant shops and galleries and ask around to see if anyone else knows of anywhere. Then pop in and ask if they would be interested in letting you bring some pieces in to show them. Just be friendly and positive. Don't take it too personally if anyone says no, they weren't the right stockist for you anyway!
      Wishing you loads of luck!


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        some good tips here.
        What do you do about arranging what the shop gets out of it. Do they keep a % of the sale?
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          Most will work out a percentage with you. Where my jewellery is now I told them what I wanted back for each item and she worked out what she can sell it for and she keeps the difference. This is because it is only in one place at the moment and as she has such a wide variety of styles I didn't have a clue how much to tell her to retail it at! I know how much I can get for it at fairs but other places can vary so much that this seemed like the best option.
          Make sure you have clear amounts of what you need to get to make it worth your your while in your head before you go in to see anyone.