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  • Supplying Crochet Patterns

    Hey all, im sure by now those who know me, know that i create unique and exclusive crochet patterns for some pretty items (or so i think they are if not a bit biased :P )

    I now wish to expand by supplying other companies with these patterns to sell onto their customers.

    Does any1 know anywhere i can do this? Or companies that would be interested as im finding it hard to locate companies that would go for the little guy rather than big brands such as sirdar

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    I've edited your signature - you are allowed to put your website url as a signature, as you know. Not advertising specific items. Are you going to make a habit of sailing as close as you possibly can to the forum rules? We have other things to be doing - like trying to make a living - than have to keep editing your blatant self promotion. Enough.


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      whats wrong with a direct link in the signiture it helps out with SEO lol. i was gonna rotate each link for 3/4 weeks while spiders pick it up then change once they cache it its logged for good lol


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        9, If you wish to advertise/promote your site you have 4 choices 1- email / private message me for our advertising rate… 2 – add your site to which includes adverts on the forums right hand side, 3 – Add your site to your signature and offer great advice and help to people.. Your reputation will advertise your site itself. 4 – finally try somewhere else to spam ?

        Every..................and I mean you have made has been 'look at my site' or words to that effect. You have offered little or no help to forum members, and have used the forum for self promotion. It has not been mentioned, but you have been banned from this forum under another name for exactly the same thing. You should have grasped the rules by now. Banned.
        Last edited by Peter; 27-01-2009, 03:45 PM.