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where am I going so wrong!

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  • where am I going so wrong!

    Sorry this will end up as a rant but its really frustrating.

    As well as making jewellery I buy stuff in. My mum works in a college in Wales and every couple of weeks she takes a few bits in and usually by about 9:30 she's texting me to say she has sold £50!

    A couple times a year she has a table at local village fairs and always sells over £100.

    So, to get to the point..

    Why have I just spent weeks phoning up local schools to me asking if they would have a box of my stuff for a week to go and collect the first one only to have sold 30p!

    I do the fairs but the results are never as good as my mums. Is it because im young?

    Sorry for going on

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    It could be that in the school it's only the staff seeing the bits? whereas at the college the students may be allowed to look and buy?

    Sorry you feel so frustrated. Keep with it though, all the crafters on here will tell you there are good and bad fairs etc, we have all been through it.

    I would hate to think your age has anything to do with it!
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      Could be just because you mum is a natural sales person with the gift of the gab.

      If so, you've got the perfect partnership there, you're the creative one and she's the sales one

      Also I'm sure she's so proud of you and when she tells everyone that her daughter made all the lovely items she's very enthusiastic about it and we would not be so good at doing that ourselves, we wouldn't say to people "Aren't these gorgeous, I made them" IYKWIM


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        Thanks for the support guys,


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          It's very difficult to sell anything in schools, getting money out of the parents at my kids school is like getting blood from a stone, even if it's for the benefit of the school and their kids.

          I don't get exactly how you're trying to sell, are you leaving somethings for sale in a box in the staff room for a week and just hoping people will buy it? If that's the case it's very unlikely they will. The teachers in our school didn't even buy Christmas cards made by the kids in their classes when we left them in the staff room for them to buy.

          Selling at a school fair is different, people go along expecting to buy things there.

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            Also take into consideration that Christmas and the sales were not that far away so money was spent elsewhere, plus with the credit crunch and a lof of people losing their jobs money is tight all round.

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              Yeah thats a good point, I have been taking in a selection of items and displaying or keeping the items in the box (depending on what is more convenient)

              I think I will have to re-think that plan


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                I think when selling something if you are very chatty and confident people will relax in your company and want to buy things. Perhaps this is why your mum is doing so well (if she's anything like mine!)

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