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  • Selling crafts in hotels

    Hi me again
    I have been thinking about selling my crafts in different places and I was wondering about my local pub. Has anyone done this before? What do I need to do to organise it? What will the landlord expect in return - a price up front or a percentage of sales? Any tips would be gratefully received.

    Janice Phoenixjewellery from

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    I've done pubs with my jewellery and they are a doddle. The ladies come to spend and when they've had a few bevvies, they spend more. The landlord is usally very grateful to get customers in on a weeknight when they are normally empty and will often put on some refreshments free of charge. I've never heard of one asking for cash from you. You could offer them a percentage of your sales towards their favourite charity.

    Just make yourself a couple of A4 size posters with a few pics of the stuff you make and get them up locally a few weeks before your party.

    Have a raffle, take your order book and just treat it like a craft fair but the difference is, you will be the only one selling.

    One tip I would give you - chose a more upmarket pub and try to chose a day near the end or beginning of the month as I think more people get paid around that time.
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      Thank you so much for your help I am so fired up I think I will have a go either at the end of this month or the beginning of next month. Might make some Valentine jewellery and teddys.
      Thanks again for your help
      Janice Phoenixjewellery from