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Can anyone help a newbie with legal wording on baby clothes?

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  • Can anyone help a newbie with legal wording on baby clothes?

    Hi there, I've just joined Crafts Forum and was wondering if anyone could help me with a small legal issue? I knit and crochet bits and pieces and a local shop has said they'll sell my baby slippers. I've put a button on each one, which the woman in the shop wants to keep if possible, but I'll need to put some wording on the label with them. Does anyone know what the right wording is? Is Choking Hazard enough or should I add, as a friend has advised, Not Suitable For 0-3 Years Due To Small Parts? The 0-3 years bit seems odd as they're for babies. I've tried Business Link, Trading Standards (who I'm still waiting to hear from) and The Law Society and no luck so far, so any help will be greatly appreciated. All the best.

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    Hi Michele and to the forum.
    I don't think you need a warning label for buttons.

    If you bought a shop-bought cardigan or matinee coat it wouldn't have a warning on it. I think the small parts thing refers mostly to toys.

    Hope this helps.

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      I have three children, two nieces and a nephew, and out of all the clothes we have bough I have never yet seen a warning on the labels.
      Buttons are very 'in' for decorating baby clothes at the moment, my niece got quite a few dresses and tops in this style for christmas!
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        I have never seen a warning either.

        If you are in any doubt try this,

        Always sew on the buttons using thread not wool and go through the buttons a minimum of eight times with double thread.

        I remember this from when I used to make cloth toys with my mum and we used buttons for eyes.

        As someone else said the warning is usually for toys, but for your own peace of mind you could do the above.

        Hope this helps.

        BTW the other thing you could try is, sew a button on to a spare piece of knitting crochet, in the same way you would on a piece for sale and then try pulling the button off. (I even tried biting it off-not something a baby is likely to do, I know!)

        Good luck with the sales
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          Thank you

          Hi everyone, thank you so much for your help – I really appreciate it. I haven't been able to log on for a while. I've since spoken to Trading Standards and they just directed me to a testings place, which I would only do if I was setting up in business properly and was selling a lot more. I've asked around, too, and lots of people have said the same as you. Thanks again. Best wishes. Michele


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            PS Love your crafts on your websites, girls. I'm so impressed with the quality and am going to recommend you to friends. That's my next step – going online. Moonbeam – how do you find Misi? x


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              Did they say it was compulsary to get them tested?

              There has been a lot of talk about handmade toys and kids clothes recently due to a new law being passed in America and I'm not sure where we legally stand in Britain - something to do with if it looks like a toy it is despite what the warning label says but I cant see anything on my mobile or tv remote to say it has been tested as a toy and my 1yo would deffo agree it was for him.
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                Hi there, to be honest, she was very laidback about it all – much more than I would have expected. She said I definitely need a label saying what they're made of – 100% wool etc – and washing instructions are optional, but couldn't really give me an answer about the safety wording. I didn't think it would be this difficult! Most people I've asked, though, have said they've bought things before with buttons on but no safety warning. I just wanted to make sure I'm covered!


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                  my daughter had a fairy outfit once - the size label said 12-18 months
                  On the reverse it said not suitable for children under 3!
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