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    A nearby small rural town which has a fairly high tourist rating has a monthly local produce market (not the WI one) on a Saturday, which runs from Spring to Autumn with a Christmas special.

    The cost is £15 per month and AFAICS the actual stalls are provided.

    I'm considering this - does anyone have any experience of selling at a similar market?
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    I used to do the Farnham Maltings monthly market which incorporated antiques. bric a brac and some crafts. The cost is now about £28.00 and I gave up when it was £22.00 as I never made back my rent. To be honmest sitting there from 8:00 to 4:00 became soul destroying and I got to thinking of all the things I could be doing.

    I would say go and have a visit see what is selling, maybe give it a go and judge for yourself, this is a difficult one as you may do well and have missed a chance.

    Ultimately if you don't try you don't know whether you will succeed or not.

    Good Luck


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      I've been doing a local Farmers', Local Produce & Crafts Market for 18 months. (4th Thursday of the month) It was a slow build up, and I'll never make a fortune, but I enjoy it and my takings have steadily risen.
      People get used to you being there after a while. I've picked up a few orders for personalised items or different colours/patterns for collection at the next market.

      I've just started going to another one a few miles away, (2nd Friday - that's tomorrow . I should be working!) so I'm hoping that will do as well as the first (or better!)

      They're both only £10, indoors, free parking and close by, so I'm quite lucky. However, we do rely mainly on locals.

      If you go for it, don't expect immediate results, try to look at the long term benefits and build up a rapport with your customers, with a view to bumper Christmas orders and sales
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        Elaine, what were you doing posting at that time in the morning?

        I do our village farmers market at £18 per stall 2nd saturday of the month. I have to be there by 1/4 to 8 and it finishes at 1pm. It's got a very loyal following and excellent management with regard to handmade / balance of stalls etc.
        For the first hour and half no one even stops to look at my stall. That's when the serious foodies come. They tour the butchers and veg stalls and the bakers. My customers arive about 9.30 onwards.

        I am one of three regular craft stalls. They won't have any more than that as they are an acredited market and have to abide by strict regulations.
        The other crafters are a soap stall (they also have a bead store and make jewellery, but they are not allowed the beads and jewellery on the stall because that's my patch!)
        There is a potter who creates pottery animals and trinkets.
        There is also an artist who comes every now and then and sells cards and paintings.

        as someone else has mentioned, the custom grows over the time you are there. they arive expecting to find you!

        At the christmas market, the weather was torrential rain and high winds and I decided not to turn up. I just stayed at home and laid out my jewellery on my dining room table. Sure enough, durong the day people just turned up at my home instead!
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