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Selling online? What are the first steps?

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  • Selling online? What are the first steps?

    I have been making candles for a few years now and am wondering about venturing into selling them online. I have a website already, though it needs a lot of work.

    So I'm just wondering, other than creating the website itself, what is involved in starting to sell your craft online?

    Do you need to get special permission / licence and how easy / time consuming is it manage (other than setting up the website I mean)

    Why do tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow!!

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    Ahhhh the eternal question!

    How long is a bit of string, in my experience you could spend all day every day getting your website right and doing SEO, it really depends how much time you have.

    Mine took me weeks and weeks to set up, but I can only really do it in the evening when kids in bed, I came up in the searches after 10 days, and I am now on page one of yahoo after just 3 months, I still try and tweek things most days either on the site to keep it fresh or SEO things.

    Not much of an answer really sorry.
    Good luck ith it!

    As far as I know you don't need a licience


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      Have you thought about putting your cards on Folksy.

      It only costs 20p per item and there are no other charges.

      Worth a try

      I started off with nothing and I've still got most if left.


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        The advertising/self promotion is the time consuming part (whether it's SEO or general getting your name out there).

        Legalities - you need to register with HMRC (you might have done this already as it's not just once you have a website iyswim)

        comply with distance selling regs

        keep accounts (can be v basic incomings & outgoings on a spreadsheet type thing)

        If you need any advice as such try contactiong Business Link. They have loads of free advice.