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  • My overall plan

    Now that i am starting to get everything set up and ready for selling my jewellery online, I would like to tell you all my plan, incase i have forgotten anything or you would like to comment on the whole idea.

    I will have a jewellery blog with my own domain where i will post information about newly made items including pictures and have links the individual items to my Etsy shop.

    My Etsy shop will be my primary place of sale. People will be directed here from my blog and other various places i will be advertising.

    Items which have been bought will be wrapped up and put into satin bags and then into padded envelopes as standard. If customers wish they will have the option of purchasing a gift box instead of having the standard packing.

    The gift boxes will be handmade pillow boxes with some ribbon round and tied in a bow.

    All sales will be sent with a business card included along with an invoice and a "With Compliments" slip.

    So thats hopefully what i plan to achieve, and all before new year

    Any opinions or comments on my whole plan?



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    Make yourself a board with the slot of Large Letter size cut into it and make sure packages can go through it easily (they could get crushed in the system if they're a tight fit, even if they're padded). If you can manage this it will help substantially with postage costs.

    If you're not sure about the fit then make sure they go as Packet this will save costs in the long run as they won't get squashed in the roller system (or whatever it is that letters and large letters go through).
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      thanks Elaine. I may well be able to get my hands on a post office one if i look in the right places


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        Hiya Jake Not sure if you mean that your blog will be hosted on your domain - I went for hosting mine through blogger because of all the frills and perks blogger has - for example the widgets you can easily add (like followers, blog lists) the ease by which others can add comments and the whole blogger network which allows people to accidentally find your blog - not sure i am fully awake yet lol so may not be explaining this very well.
        ps you can get the slot things from the PO
        Chris xx
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          Who are you planning to sell to Jake? If your market is predominantly in the UK, then etsy might not be the best outlet at the moment. The fluctuations in the exchange rate are hard to keep track of (you'll need to constantly update your prices to reflect the 'real' sterling price), and I think people are less willing to shop in what is perceived as a US store than a couple of months ago.

          Folksy might be a good alternative? I understand it is cheaper too.


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            Thanks everyone, to start with i will only be selling within the UK so i will take a look at folksy aswell, i may even add a few items on ebay every now and again.

            @ Kiamyka, i will try and find out how to get one from the PO

            Thanks everyone