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  • My practice stall

    Well today myself and my helper put up the practice stall. One thing i am annoyed is that the green of my banner really doesnt go with the green of my lovely cloth! But this is presuming that il need to put the banner on the front of the table. But i cant do anything about that now.

    I think iv over crowded one side of it....

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    aw thats brill!!!! How did you do that???? String in the end eyelets and did you just tie it around the table and then cover the table with your cloth??? And then add a nice touch of tinsel??


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      Yeah, the banner has 3 eyelets on the top and i got string and tied it around the table at each end and one in the middle. Then cover it with cloth and add the tinsel. Il get some fairy lights too

      What i havnt shown is that iv got 2 signs sayin SS and SP. And il have piles of my business cards.

      That is most of my stock!!! Iv got more earrings to put out if people buy them but thats about it. Im going to make more today and tomorrow.
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        Anyone got any tips on the stall? How to improve it?
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          Are you going to be near electricity for the lights? Perhaps have a mirror on your stall. But other than that, i think its brill! I think you have quite a lot of stuff. I dont think that i have much more than you. Mine fills my table but i dont have any extras. Fingers crossed, we;ll have nothing left by the end of the day ! ha ha


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            I think you've done a super job and your table looks great. You will need some spare stock though to fill the spaces when you sell things so . . . . get to it girl! And as Snow has already said, take a mirror with you - you can get one in poundland or maybe just borrow the one out of your bathroom.

            One thing I'd change is the tinsel - I think gold or even some that is gold and green mixed would be a better choice.

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              I love the step effect in each corner, just adds that bit more interest than a flat table which is what I have been doing......... think I will be nicking that idea

              Well done looks great!





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                Yeah i have a mirror but wasnt sure where to put it on the table. Its not small! I was thinking ot have it behind and if anyone wants it i can bring it out for them...?

                Yeah gold tinsel would look better! Not sure if il have time to get any tomorrow but il give it a go. I have to work tomorrow

                Oh and Snow, everyone will have access to electric. Take some extension leads incase and some tape to tape down the wires.
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                  It looks lovely, the cloth on your table is gorgeous & like the step idea too. I'd stop for a look
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                    It looks great. The varying heights are great - make sure it's all well tacked down though!

                    My only suggestion would be to try and group things by colour if you can - it always seems to help for me - especially in terms of people picking up matching stuff and buying more than one piece.

                    If you haven't already got an earring tester, you might want to make one out of heavy acetate (I notice you've got quite a lot of earrings, and it does help people get a better feel for how they might look).

                    If you're selling anything that's sterling, you need to put out a hallmarks sign (it's a trading standards requirement).

                    Good luck!


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                      Eek, what do you mean put out a hallmark sign? Any example? Do you mean just print one out and put it up?
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                        dont worry handcrafted. You dont actually have to have one. Think how many stalls youve seen before that dont have one.

                        Some people (visitors) like it as a reassurance but the organisers wontmake you have one. I've only ever seen about 3 people have them at hundreds of fairs. Dont worry, you can cope without it.


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                          Fantastic display of work... I hope it brings you plenty of success and sales!

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                            I very rarely see the hallmark poster either but here are the details.

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                              It's certainly eye catching, I'd stop and look and thats what you want. Go for it and good luck.
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