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  • 2 website options

    Ok. As i now have a domain and logo design is in process, i have 2 options for selling my jewellery online, but i dont know which to go for.

    Option A;

    Start a blog and have the domain name for that and then advertise my items on the blog and link to the items in an etsy ( or similar ) shop for retail.

    This option would be the cheapest and easiest, but i would have to pay to host each item for sale.

    Option B;

    Use the domain and purchase web hosting.Have everything on one site including blog and shop for customers.

    This option would be more expencive and alot more difficult to set up in a short time scale, but everything would be in one place.

    Now that you know my options, what does everyone here think?



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    I've seen both options in operation and I think I like the first one best, althought the second one is probably more professional. There is something about Etsy that makes me feel like a kid in a sweetshop...I love it there!

    As an afterthought, I'm beginning to think that 'just' a website is becoming a bit old fashioned and blogs are more the IN thing, they certainly seem more interesting.
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      I was also prefering the first idea but im just not too sure how sucessfully this would work.


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        Well once you've been 'discovered' on Etsy, then you should be ok, it getting discovered that's the hard bit. If you take a look around, a lot of sellers on there seem to do very well even though Etsy seems to be their only outlet. If you are hoping to make a substantial living from your craft then maybe you need to go in a different direction ie: the website?
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          Well having never sold anything online before i think i am going to go with option A.


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            Good for you!! Go get em'!
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              Originally posted by snowgoose View Post
              Well having never sold anything online before i think i am going to go with option A.
              A is certainly the easiest (although you could have a blog that you host yourself and post there). You could even go to the lengths of editing old posts when you sell something, if you wanted to.

              B is more professional, but is more work. If you have the money to pay someone, or the technical skills to do it yourself, then I would go B.
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                I would go for both!

                You can get a website easily enough! I use free hosting for mine and to begin with it should be fine. You can easily change later. I get mine from You can use your own domain and just their hosting, it's great!

                For creating the website I reallly recommend Serif's web page plus. It's a WYSIWYG editor and works brill! You can get an older version free online, just search for free serif products!! Then you can try designing yourself, get your free hosting and see how you get on!

                You can also link your website to an external blog, like wordpress, or set up your own on the site. I think the first option will be the best!

                That's what I plan to do anyway!
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                  I would also recommend both!
                  Good to be selling in all possible locations, i.e. on your site and on etsy etc...
                  you can probably have your blog on your own website and you can also set up your own shopping cart on your website very easily from paypal by just adding paypal buttons to items mentioned in your blog.
                  i do realise i'm a part time web developer so i might be making it all sound a little too simple but if i were you i would set up option A and then work on developing your own website into a full online shopping site. it takes time to develop a web presence and the more locations on the web you are showing your work the better!
                  good luck!


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                    Originally posted by snowgoose View Post
                    Well having never sold anything online before i think i am going to go with option A.
                    That sounds sensible to me!

                    It's the easiest to get up and running with, by far - and also the cheapest (especially if you are unsuccessful - god forbid - although I'm sure everyone will warn that it takes time to build these things up!).

                    You can always re-evaluate your options at any time later - you'll have the main (important) asset - your chosen domain name, anyway!

                    Good luck!!

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